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Visa 24 provides consultancy on almost all kinds of visa categories, from study visas, spouse visas, refusal cases, tourist visas, work settlements, and many more.

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We are an Indian visa consulting and Immigration firm in Jalandhar that helps students, businesses, and tourists to get into countries like the UK, US, and Canada. We are widely known as the Best Immigration Consultant in Jalandhar and have dedicated ourselves to helping you with the visa application to assist in realizing your dreams of receiving a world-class education or having a smooth travel experience across national boundaries. Our experienced team offers customized guidance to help you navigate the complex application process effortlessly and with up-to-date knowledge and attentive support, you can trust us in making your visa process straightforward and stress-free.
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Aside from excellent study abroad consultations, we also offer professional help in visa application to businesses, tourism, and transit. Our excellent approach and network of professional visa agents in Jalandhar ensure your visa application is stress-free and successful. Our team of Visa Agents In Jalandhar are highly knowledgeable about the latest visa policies and application processes. By staying up-to-date on any changes, they can provide you with accurate guidance tailored to your specific goals and trip plans. Visa24 offers transparent pricing, responsive support, and a high success rate, so you can feel confident entrusting your visa application to their capable hands.

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Searching for the most trusted immigration guidance in Jalandhar Punjab? Look no further than Visa24, our licensed immigrant consultants provide you with Complete Visa Solutions. With 20+ years of experience providing successful visa and immigration consultancy, our dedicated consultants stay up-to-date on the latest policies so you get accurate, hassle-free assistance. When you choose Visa24, you get personalized assistance from start to finish – from selecting the right visa for your goals to seamlessly navigating the application process. Contact Visa24 today to get your visa process started right and expedite your plans to work, study, or settle abroad permanently.


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Stay informed about your visa status on the go with our AI-powered mobile application management system. Experience peace of mind and effortless convenience as you receive real-time updates right away on your phone. Whether it’s the latest progress on your visa application or important notifications, our system ensures you never miss a beat. Providing a seamless and reliable solution keeps you connected to your visa journey. Sign up now and let us take care of the details while you focus on what matters most.
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With over 1000+ success stories, 20 years of experience, and collaboration with 20+ countries, have we always managed to provide consultancy in visas to all our clients without a hitch? Don’t listen to us; listen to what our clients have to say in these videos.


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UK, Canada, Australia, and the USA, among other 20+ countries with which we collaborate.

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It is very important to pay the visa application fee. The U.S. charges $160 for a B-2 visa and $190 for an H-1B visa. The fee can be paid with a credit card, at certain banks, or the post office. Some countries charge fees for visas or to be able to visit each other.

Visitors to Canada need valid visas, passports, and medical documentation. You must learn the rules and follow the procedures to avoid problems and setbacks. Getting a visa can take weeks or months, so plan ahead. Make sure your passport is valid for entry into Canada.

Your country’s government issues a passport and allows you to leave or enter the national boundaries of your country. A visa is issued by the government of the country you want to visit or stay in, allowing you to cross and enter its borders.

A long-term visitor visa can help you with this; it allows you to stay up to six months in the United Kingdom. This visa lasts for more than 2 to 10 years.

A tourist visa allows non-citizens to enter Australia for tourism, recreation, and family trips. Tourists who want to experience Australia’s stunning scenery, thriving culture, and one-of-a-kind wildlife flock to apply for this visa. You can enter Australia as often as possible with the subclass 600 visa. You could spend a few weeks in Australia in the summer, return for the holidays, and visit again in the spring.


The United Kingdom provides a one-of-a-kind experience. Learning alongside folks from all around the world broadens your thinking. The school system of the United Kingdom is well-regarded across the world. Your degree will be recognized by future employers as originating from one of the most prestigious higher education systems.

Apart from the support offered during the visa application process, professional visa consultants in Jalandhar, Punjab will also talk about the British immigration rights and laws that an immigrant must know. Moreover, their services also include post-visa operations such as providing advice about how you can support your finances or about the average UK living cost.

It mostly depends on the type of visa you are applying for, as for instance, a visitor visa might take a minimum of 15 days to a month if any problem arises while investigating. However, more than 90% of the time, it will get approved within three weeks.
The British immigration policy doesn’t include any specific or standard amount that fulfills your financial requirement for visa application. However, most visa consultants will suggest you have at least INR 12 lakh to 15 lakh in your bank account as financial evidence and don’t include family or joint income.
You can get help from the online search engine by asking the best immigration consultants in Jalandhar. You will get all the relevant results and websites, then you can either check their portfolio individually or you can ask someone you know about it. However, asking most of the time means not blindly trusting someone.
Canada is the optimal choice for international students seeking world-class education paired with a high quality of life. Study at innovative, research-focused universities offering global perspectives. Experience Canada’s celebrated multiculturalism through diverse neighborhoods, cuisines, and festivals. Canada invests in international students’ success and ease of transition.
Unlike other places, Canada is considered one of the safest regions for Indian immigrants. The criminal laws and healthcare facility is remarkable even since a decade ago, the crime rate here has been reduced significantly due to its sanctioning of strict rules and punishment against hideous crimes.
It is not a mandate that a visa agent should belong to the embassy or any government body, instead, they must have a certified license and foundational knowledge of almost all countries’ visa application processes along with the on-paper experience to show as their portfolio.

Immigration Consultants in jalandhar choose the fastest visa pathway for your profile and needs. They ensure your documentation and forms are error-free on the first try, avoiding delays. Consultants have insider knowledge to prepare strong applications that impress officials. They follow up appropriately to keep your application moving swiftly. With extensive expertise, diligent follow-up, and well-tuned application strategies, consultants enable quick Canada visa approvals.

They handle paperwork, organize documents, fill forms, submit error-free applications, and interface with officials on your behalf. Consultants stay updated on policy changes and provide timely guidance. Experienced consultants ensure your profile is optimized, increasing visa approval odds. Their diligence and preparation save you time while their expertise equips you for inter-visa success. With a consultant, you can confidently tackle the Canadian immigration process.
The USA offers an unrivaled diversity of higher education options spread across 50 states. Find your perfect fit – big state schools bursting with school spirit, intimate liberal arts colleges focused on undergraduate teaching, Ivy League universities steeped in tradition, or modern metros with a startup vibe. Gain hands-on experiences through co-ops, internships, and research side-by-side professors. Graduates emerge with globally recognized degrees, critical thinking abilities, and visionary mindsets primed for success.

Professional visa agents in Jalandhar may act as your guide. They assess your profile and suggest the best visa pathway. Agents handle paperwork, document collection, form filling, application submission, and embassy interfacing. They track application status and provide timely updates. Experienced agents identify potential issues early and suggest strong remediation plans. They also offer interview preparation, insurance recommendations, and pre-departure guidance.

It is nowhere mentioned in the USA immigration rule book and if you ask any visa professional they will suggest that you have between INR 8 to 10 lakh in your bank account which should be reflected in your six or nine-month statement.
A professional visa agent must be a degree and license holder practicing his knowledge in the real world over the years and having the on-paper experience to show. Apart from these, you can also consider his conversing skills and dedication toward his clients.
There is so much to do in the USA while traveling with family or even if you are planning a solo trip there. You will find many adventurous and exciting places like Disneyland which is one of the popular and unique places to visit here.
With high-quality equipped advanced technology universities, international students are more inclined to study in Australia rather than anywhere else. Along With this, the number of opportunities and internships are impressive here for career and financial growth.
Natural wonders abound in Australia, from the Great Barrier Reef to the Outback. Surf world-famous beaches, climb inaccessible jungles, and see rare fauna like kangaroos and koalas. In Sydney, Melbourne, and beyond, sample ethnic food and vibrant nightlife. Australia’s various landscapes and easygoing people provide a wonderful experience whether you want adventure, excellent cuisine and wine, culture, or nature.
The visa consultants in Jalandhar will support you in submitting all the information accurately based on your purpose of visiting, scheduling your visa interview, and guide you in preparation even post-visa application when you need to understand the immigration laws and policies of Australia. However, the duties of a visa consultant vary with the type of visa applied.
You can search this easily yourself either by checking their online website, location, and reviews or you can contact them directly to ask some critical yet essential questions such as their charges and whether they have any existing portfolio or not.
You can find one of the best immigration consultant offices at SCO-4 Police Line GT Road,144001 Jalandhar Punjab. They will help you with all the formalities of the visa application process in a more professional way.
By studying in Italy, you may immerse yourself in the birthplace of the Renaissance. Learn the melodious Italian language. Learn about foreign ideas and make global relationships. Intern with world-class Italian firms to kickstart your career. Earn a distinguished degree from one of the world’s oldest institutions. A study trip to Italy promises to be fascinating, memorable, and life-changing.
You will have to support your expenses and cost of living in Italy for which you will be required more than INR 10 lakh on a yearly basis for your studying as well as a convenient stay.
You can file for an Italian visa application form from its official site but all the details must be filled correctly as per the government norms. If you don’t want to go through this complex process due to a lack of legal knowledge, you can get help from a professional Italy visa consultant anytime.
IELTS is a basic requirement as of 2023 for students who applied for education that has English as one of the mandatory prerequisites. However, if you can submit an acceptance letter that doesn’t count the IELTS score from an Italian university with your visa application form then it is not going to bother you.
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