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Can a Middle Class Indian Student study in the USA in 2024

Tips On How a Middle Class Indian Student Can study in the USA

Many students from a middle-class family aspire to study in USA. However, their financial plan does not permit them to study! But, this is not the truth. Studying abroad is considered a good investment for any aspiring student. Students want to go to different countries to experience new surroundings, language, people, climate and environment.

For the very same reasons, USA has become a preferred destination for students who want to see tremendous growth in their career. In this blog, you will get to know how a middle class Indian study in USA.

Why Indian Wish To Study In The USA?

Huge number of students prefers studying in the USA for the quality of education provided by the colleges and universities there. Students seek to experience the multi-cultural environment and ample work opportunities in the USA. However it’s not easy to survive in the US, as everything is very expensive there. 

The government and the universities support international students. They emphasize on students being self-sufficient and work hard to survive in this country. Therefore, they motivate students to do odd or part-time jobs after the college hours and also work during breaks and holidays. This way the students can ease their daily expenses. 

Whatever class you belong to, studying abroad is a bit pricey – however everything is manageable once you have made up your mind. Careful budgeting and planning may make things possible. There are many options available in the USA to lessen the financial issues for aspiring students. For example – scholarships, bank loans, study loans, financial assistance, etc. 

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Tips For Middle Class Indian Students To Study In USA 

One cannot deny the fact that studying in USA is not easy for middle-class students. But, the tips mentioned below will help them a lot.

Apply for international scholarships: International education is quite tough in terms of finance. The first and foremost thing the students should look for is an international scholarship. 

Scholarships are of great help especially to students. The scholarships provided by the universities take care of the many expenses, thereby decreasing the stress of the students as well as the parents. 

However for scholarships your academic score should be exceptional. Don’t panic if your scores are not appealing. Few of the international exams are formatted in such a way that if you score well there, you might get a good scholarship. A 100% tuition fee waiver for students is a bit tough, even though some universities offer a partial waiver. 

Few universities offer scholarships where you have to pay only for your lodging costs and some include airfare and other expenses.

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Education loan: This is a good initiative by the Indian government to provide foreign education loans for aspiring students. These loans can ease some of the load off your pockets. These loans take care of you until your course does not get completed. So don’t take a back step from achieving your dreams. Education loans are always a good idea to achieve your dreams.

Select an Affordable City: If you made up your mind to study in the USA, you can select an affordable city to study in. Instead of going to New York or Los Angeles, select Texas or Arizonian, since every city’s expenses vary. You will be able to save a lot of money for your other expenses. 

Part-time work compensation: Part-time jobs are one of the ways to ease out your expenses. If you need a good education you really have to work hard for it. There are many options in the USA where you can work as a part-timer and earn well. Either you work as a waiter in a cafe or restaurant, give tuitions or do other odd jobs which do not require a whole day’s involvement.However, every country has different rules for students to do part-time jobs. You have to check the rules online for the city and the university you have chosen.

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Summing Up:

Never stop dreaming or making plans to achieve your dreams. Instead find the ways to fulfill them. While financing your education might be stressful, it is manageable with a little bit of planning and hard work! Contact Visa 24 now and achieve your dreams at the earliest!

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