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What is a Uk visa?

A UK visa is the official document that gives individuals worldwide the right to enter, stay, or migrate to the UK. A visa is usually in the form of a stamp on your passport. Sometimes it is issued as a document by the UK Immigration Authority or an embassy of the UK in your country.

Rising popularity among Indians for UK visa

  • Indians are known to make up the largest portion of minority ethnicity in the United Kingdom. The influence of Indian culture in the UK is also positively evident with British food, films, TV, and lifestyle being influenced by both the UK and India’s historic and social bonds.
  • To have respectable and amazing employment opportunities, students prefer to shift to the UK for their education. An Educational degree from the UK is not only famous in the UK but is also highly recognized in other countries across the world.

Indian candidates applicable for the UK visa:

  • UK visa is needed for travel purposes by Indian citizens
  • Indian applicants below the age of 18 require a minor visa for the UK
  • Candidates who have applied for a visa before three months of departure can apply for the following types of visas: work, study, family, transit visa

Important points to remember about UK Visa for Indians

  • Visa applications for students and children need to be submitted six months before their course starts.
  • Visa applications for student and child student visas must be submitted six months before the course starts
  • For a UK visa, it is mandatory for Indians to purchase travel insurance and apply for a UK visa 3 months before their visit

Why should Indians hire a Visa Consultant for UK Visa?

  • Assistance for the right type of visa: The first thing, a visa consultant will consider is your purpose for applying for a UK visa. Whether tourism, study, or traveling, they assist you in choosing the right type of visa as the UK provides a variety of visas based on type, each containing rules.
  • Completion of the visa application process: Visa consultants assess you to enter the correct information in your visa application that has to comply with the information on the submitted documents. They are experts that help to lower the chance of visa applications being rejected.
  • Eligibility for visa: Visa consultants check your eligibility among the standard visitor visas, Tier 2 General Visas, permitted paid engagement visas, marriage visitor visas, Tier 4 general student visas, etc.
  • Assistance for required documents: Every visa category requires different documents, including compiling and providing accurate copies of certain documents. Visa consultants make sure that the details are filled correctly.
  • Reminders about interview dates and assistance for preparation: Visa consultants help you prepare for your visa interview based on your needs and keep you in the loop about your interview date.
  • UK Visa processing time: Visa processing time is usually 3 weeks, but can also go up to 90 days. A visa consultant makes your visa processing time quicker with their contacts and resources.


In India, hiring a UK visa consultant is very convenient and useful as you get expert guidelines that remove most of the burden from your shoulders. Visa consultants make this process smooth and easier for people to avoid hurdles that they might face. Visa 24 Services are one of the best UK visa consultants in Jalandhar, especially for a UK study visa as the consultancy has ties with some of the top-most Universities. Apart from that, your chances of visa approval are higher with their experts as they provide legal documentation services.

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