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Studying abroad may be an amazing opportunity for you, but still, there is a need to think a lot before starting a new learning experience there. How to plan? What universities or programs should we apply to? How are we going to pay for everything? What kind of visa will we require? This is where the experienced Study Visa Consultants in Jalandhar can assist you. They offer:

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For all of your overseas education needs, go no further than Visa24 Services, the best Study Abroad Consultant in Jalandhar. By professionally helping you through every stage of the abroad study application process, our skilled advisers will save your time and stress. We help with program and country selection according to your objectives, university shortlisting, application completion, visa documents, interview preparation, travel planning, and pre-departure arrangements.
Our excellent success record and outstanding student testimonials demonstrate our dedication to making your study abroad ambitions come true. Choose Visa24 Services, the most trusted Visa Consultant in Jalandhar for individualized end-to-end help from application to arrival on campus.

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My name is Harpreet Kaur. Recently i visited visa 24 from where i got my UK Study Visa with the guidance of Visa 24 services. All staff is very cooperative and friendly.

Harpreet kaur


My Canada visa was approved quickly after getting the guidance from visa 24 services, they Suggested some changes that made my application strong. Their services are excellent.

Gunraj Singh

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Visa24 Services is considered as the top Study Visa Consultant In Jalandhar for the United Kingdom. Our excellent visa acceptance rates and happy students attest to our knowledge of UK study visas.
Indeed, in most situations, you may apply for a UK visa online using the UK Visas and Immigration website. Even with online applications, however, professional assistance is strongly advised to minimize mistakes or missing paperwork that might result in delays or rejection.
It has been seen in most cases that while taking admission to the esteemed universities in the UK, they consider an IELTS score as one of their requirements. However, when it comes to a UK study visa application, it mainly depends on the college and program you have chosen.
It is possible to bring your family relatives to the UK where you are studying. However, you have to apply for a different visa type for them also they must be dependent on you in any way, financially or legally.
A PTE score of 59-65 is normally required for a UK student visa. The experts will advise you on the exact PTE score needed for your selected university and course in the United Kingdom.
Yes you can apply for a Canadian study visa without a consultant, but expert counsel enhances visa acceptance prospects.
Visa24 consultants provide expert Canada visa consulting and have over a decade of expertise in successfully directing students to top Canadian colleges. Their excellent visa success rates and delighted foreign student network add to our position as the best Canadian study permit consultant.
The average annual cost of studying in Canada is iJe 1525485.70 to srs1830582.84, which includes tuition and living expenses. Professional Services can give comprehensive financial advice.
Depending on your particular circumstances and profile, the minimum bank amount necessary for a Canadian student visa application may vary. However, while applying for your initial study visa, you may need to prove a minimum of roughly Canadian $10,000 in inaccessible finances. This figure is intended to demonstrate that you can meet your living expenditures for the first year.
Yes, when accompanied by other papers, a four-month bank statement displaying the requisite amount can be adequate for a Canadian immigration application.
Look for vast experience, high visa success rates, delighted clients, and knowledge unique to your destination country when selecting the finest study visa counselor in Jalandhar.
Visa24 Services is regarded as the top consultant in Jalandhar for obtaining a USA study visa. Hundreds of students have been successfully assisted by our advisers in obtaining F-1 visas for renowned American colleges.
Instead of believing that acquiring a US study visa is easy, why not study the detailed part of the entire application procedure? In this way, you can be sure whether or not your profile will stand out.
Adding an average living cost in the US and estimated college tuition fees, it can be roughly said that a minimum of INR 16 lakh up to 20 lakh can be enough excluding any kind of part-time employment.
It is not impossible to avoid US visa rejection although expertise and in-depth knowledge of a typical US visa application process is mandatory including your paperwork and interview procedure.
Depending on the university and program, a 2-year break in study may be approved in Australia. Visa24 Services’ professionals can advise you on gap acceptance policies.
Yes, IELTS English competence is necessary for student visas in Australia. Most programs require an IELTS score of 5.5 to 6.5.
The minimum PTE score necessary for an Australian student visa varies according to the university and program for which you are applying. Undergraduate schools often demand PTE scores ranging from 50 to 58. The minimal score for postgraduate studies such as Masters and PhDs is frequently 58-65.
Based on your college ranking worldwide and the area of study, you can estimate your IELTS score otherwise, a 5.5 band is good enough and covers most Australian universities.
Normally, the Australian visa success rate is as high as 70-80% but not in all cases, It extensively depends on individual profile and the goal they have for their visa application.
It all comes down to your future ambitions and viewpoints when deciding between Canada and Italy. If you want to live in a culturally rich environment, Italy is the way to go; if you merely want to thrive intellectually, Canada is the way to go.
Italy is well-known for its culture and value in learning approach. It is indeed considered a decent place where you can grow your career and at the same time comfortably live in peace.
An Italian student visa application price ranges between €110 and €150. To minimize delays or recurring expenses.
You can study in Italy without attempting an IELTS test. However, you have to consider your university and program selection criteria before appearing for an Italian visa application procedure.
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