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Study in the USA

Why Study in the USA?

Study in the USA, where academic excellence meets vibrant cultural experiences. Fuel your dreams with world-renowned universities, cutting-edge research faculty, and a diverse community that embraces innovation. From the Ivy League to sun-soaked campuses, elevate your education and savor the taste of success.

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Video Testimonials

With over 1000+ success stories, 20 years of experience, and collaboration with 20+ countries, have we always managed to provide consultancy on visas to all our clients without a hitch? Don’t listen to us; listen to what our clients have to say in these videos.

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Our Success Story

USA Study Visa Process

Documents Assessment

Documents Assessment

Our team thoroughly reviews your documents to ensure they meet your study visa application requirements. We will contact you if there is something you need to be aware of.

Make Application Option

We will present various application options that best suit your preferences, academic achievement, and goals. You don’t have to stress over making the wrong choices when we work for you.
USA visa application centre jalandhar
USA study visa consultants in jalandhar

After Receiving Options Applied in 4-5 Universities

We assist you in submitting applications to 4–5 universities of your choice, increasing your chances of acceptance. Consulting with us will help clear all your doubts and vision regarding where you need admission.

Receive Conditional Offer Letter

Congratulations! You’ve received a conditional offer letter from one of the universities. Now, it’s time to fulfill the specified conditions. With Visa 24 by your side, we will complete all conditions and contact you in the event of confirmation.

Receive Conditional Offer Letter
Full-Fill the conditions

Full-Fill the conditions

We help you meet the requirements outlined in the conditional offer letter. During this time, you need to pay the required tuition fees, appear in the interview, and provide additional documentation.

Scheduling Interview

After that, we will schedule the interview, an important step toward obtaining an unconditional offer letter. We also provide guidance and consulting for you to prepare for it, so don’t worry.
schedule an interview with the university
Offer Letter on Clearance of Interview

Unconditional Offer Letter on Clearance of Interview

In this step, we prepare and submit your documents, such as financial proof, language test results, and medical records, as they are necessary for the CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies) request.

Document ready for CAS Request

After receiving an unconditional offer letter, you will need to prepare the following documents to request a CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies): • Passport • Proof of financial support • University acceptance letter • Medical exam results
requird doucument for CAS request
CAS to be processed

Wait for CAS 10-15 Days

After submission, you don’t need to look at your calendar, emails, or SMS daily; wait for 10–15 days while we process your CAS request and await its arrival. After which, we will inform you about its status.

After Receiving the CAS file Handover to Lodgement Department

Once you have received the CAS file, our qualified staff will seamlessly transfer it to the lodgement department for further processing and will notify you of the results.
process your visa application with visa 24

Document Required for USA Study Visa

Cost to study in USA

Costs for international students to earn a bachelor’s degree in the United States range from $8,000 per year to $35,000. Master’s degree holders can anticipate annual costs between $10,000 and $55,000.
Program Average yearly cost GBP Average yearly Cost INR
BSc Nutrition and dietetics
$12,000 - $45,000
₹9,88,188- ₹37,00,000
Masters in chemical engineering
$24,000 - $62 ,000
₹20,00,000 - ₹51,00,000
BSc in plasma physics
$39,000 - $57,000
₹32,00,000- ₹47,00,000
Masters In Human Resource Management
$16,000 - $65,000
₹13,00,000 - ₹53,50,000
Masters in Computer Forensics
$19,000 - $58,000
₹16,00,000 - ₹48,00,000

Living expenses

The cost of living depends on where you live and how you live. However, you must still require around $10,000 to $15,000 a year, it goes as high as $18,000 with minimal spendings. It’s better to use public transportation and work part-time to support yourself.
Expenses Average yearly cost GBP Average yearly Cost INR
Books and stationary
$500 - $1000
₹ 41,000 - ₹82,000
$10,000 - $30,000
₹8,20,000 - ₹25,00,000
$600 - $1800
₹50,000 - ₹1,50,000
$850 - $3000
₹ 70,000 - ₹2,50,000
Cloths and footwear
$1000 - $2300
₹ 82,000- ₹2,00,000
Other expenses
$800 - $1,200
₹ 65,928 - ₹98,892

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Frequently Asked Questions

The USA comprises of the maximum number of international students from all across the globe. Owing to its diverse academic excellence, unique curriculum, creative teaching methods, comprehensive research facilities, and multicultural environment, USA turns out to be the best destination for higher education.
Wyoming is ranked as an economical state in USA for higher education. The public university in this state offers scholarships, low living expenses, low tuition fees, thereby making it an option for the students who actually desire to study abroad. In comparison to California and New York, it is relatively cheaper.
Nowadays, the need of immigration consultants is a must. To select the best USA study visa consultant in Jalandhar, you need to access their credibility, experience level, and client’s testimonials. Always make sure to hire consultants who have thorough knowledge about the visa and immigration processing.
The main role of a USA student visa consultant is to ease the paper work process of students. With their in-depth knowledge of visa documentation, the consultants ensure that their visa application will be approved. They also assist the students to opt for the best universities in the USA.
International students can stay in the USA even after their graduation if they apply for STEM OPT (Optional Practical Training). The duration may vary on the basis of the program’s length as extensions may be available to them as per their performances.
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