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what is cheaper in USA than India

Bringing Home Realistic Gifts: What is cheaper in the USA than India?

Are you are going abroad to the USA and wondering what gifts you should bring to your family? There are so many things to consider while doing so. Generic gifts don’t make sense as they can be found in India at cheaper prices than they can be found in the USA. So, it boils down to what is cheaper in USA than India.

This blog deals with commodities, products and technological innovations a person could bring home from his trip abroad. Many things are costlier in India due to import duties and exchange rates. However, this list is made considering the exchange rate.

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1. Apple product range

Apple is a brand rooted in the USA. This is one of the reasons why they are so expensive around the world. Apple has no manufacturing plants in India because it does not abide by the Foreign Direct Investment policy which asks corporations to source 30% of the components locally.

iPhone and Macbooks are costlier in India by at least $200 or 16,000 INR. Accessories like Airpods and iWatches are also sold at a mark-up price because of Customs paid by Indian stores to obtain them as well as other taxes.  

2. Clothing Accessories

People nowadays want to wear the newest designer clothing and look trendy when they hit the road. Brands like Dior, Gucci and Armani are available in India, but cost a lot! If someone wants to opt for these brands, they could get them cheaper in the USA. There are very few options to choose from in India. Big fashion brands release their old, market-approved products because they want to ensure maximum sales.

If you look for what is cheaper in USA than India, you would find North Face jackets at almost half the price in the USA as compared to India. They are not available in India anyway and enthusiasts have to order them from less-renowned online stores.

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3. Luxury accessories for men: Watches

Luxury watches and renowned brands like Emporio, Armani, Michael Kors and Rolex sell their watches at a lower markup price in the USA as compared to India. Most basic single-color watches by Armani have a cost difference of almost $100 or 8,337 INR. This difference keeps increasing with the rarity and availability of the watches.

Most men like to invest in a quality watch which lasts them a lifetime. If you are looking for a luxury watch under a tighter budget the USA is a better marketplace for you.  

4. Luxury accessories for women: Handbags

Handbags are as dear to ladies as watches are to men. Many of them collect handbags as they match them with their outfits or, just as a fashion statement. Many brands like Coach, Loewe and Marc Jacobs have very few options available in India. The available options are old designs which are not value for money.

A basic PVC Coach purse costing $90 in the USA is sold for 16,000 INR or almost $200. The price which a person in India has to pay for a specific handbag could get them a double-the-value accessory in the USA.

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5. Luxury Perfumes

Many fashion brands make perfumes known worldwide. This includes Chanel, Victoria’s Secret and other brands. We can take the example of Chanel no.5, a perfume recognized everywhere for its distinct smell, irrespective of the fact that it has reached that specific country or not.

In the USA, it costs $190 and in India, it costs 17,846 INR or $214. This is not a very big difference margin if you see the other items on the list. There is still a considerable difference.

6. Premium Alcohol

Luxury wine, international liquor and premium malts cost a lot in India. Hard liquor brands like Jack Daniels and wine brands like La Crema are imported to India under heavy Import Duties. Wines have lower percentages of alcohol and importing them costs a fortune!

A big bottle of Jack Daniels costs $25 in the USA and 3090 INR ($37.5) in India. La Crema costs $9.99 in the USA and 3451 INR ($41.38) in India. The hard liquor cost difference might seem breachable, but wine has a large difference margin.

7. Technological innovations: Laptops, Camera and Gaming Consoles

Laptops, Cameras and gaming consoles are always in demand. But most of the commodities are shipped from the USA. Laptops sold in the USA have a difference of at least 15,000 to 20,000 INR, which is a significant amount in Indian currency.

When you ask what is cheaper in USA than India, the first thing that always comes to mind is a PlayStation. In India, the base model of PlayStation 5 costs around 50,000 INR or $599 while in the USA, it costs $500. ASUS ROG Zephyrus Duo 16, a high-performance laptop costs $1749 in the USA. It costs 386,391 INR in India, which is $4634.22. It is almost 3 times the cost of the laptop in the USA.

8. Fitness evoking and tracking products

The health and fitness industry is slowly growing in India. However, the culture has existed in the USA for a very long time now. So, it has a more diverse supplement and tracking devices catalog. Protein slurries, flake porridge, protein bars, protein muesli etc. do not see a very big price difference. But, Fitbit shows you the price difference.

The latest Fitbit Charge 6 costs $129.95 in the USA and almost 15,000 INR in India, which is around $180.

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There are many other things like locally grown coffee, leather products and cosmetic products that have a small cost difference in the USA and India. Now we know what is cheaper in USA than India. It makes traveling easier as you know what things would be a more profitable purchase in the USA.

Traveling to the USA requires a visa and we, at Visa24, pledge to make your visa-acquiring procedure simpler and more efficient.


1. Can I carry a sealed iPhone from the USA?

You can get a sealed iPhone or two with appropriate receipts. However, do not carry more than 2 as there are chances of custom duty superimposition.

2. What is the best thing to buy from the USA which is not available in India?

The market has become global and most things are available in both countries. Locally grown coffee or domestic liquor brands from the USA are some of the things unavailable in India.

3. How many iPhones can I carry from the USA?

You can carry one used and one unsealed iPhone with ease. If you carry anything more valuable than 50,000 INR as a sealed package, you need to pay Customs duties.

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