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Guide To Rescheduling Your USA Tourist Visa Appointment

The Ultimate Guide To Rescheduling Your USA Tourist Visa Appointment

Among the stages of the USA Tourist Visa application process, the interview procedure is considered the most crucial phase where your communication and personality will be checked. However, there are some limitations and rules that we need to follow while going through the interview process.

One of them talks about rescheduling and interview appointments while applying for a USA tourist visa. You need to pick a specific date on which you will be expected to reach at least half an hour before the appointment time.

Also, if you don’t inform the consular of the reason for not attending the interview on a particular day then you will be marked as absent and not allowed for rescheduling.

The limitations also suggest that anyone can not have more than five appointments for the interview round.

We have some limitations that come with the rescheduling part, let us understand why and how to make appointments for a USA tourist visa.

Why is an appointment necessary for a USA visa interview?     

There would be millions of people who are applying for any US tourist visa so making an appointment for the interview process is a mandate for you to allot an exact date and time before. It saves you from any confusion and reserves your seat prior to the round.

Your appointment will be done based on the workload and staffing at the US embassy counsel. You can either schedule the date and time of the interview by visiting the embassy or else you can get help from the professionals who will make appointments for you and assist you in other formalities.

Also, while filing the application form, you are expected to submit relevant documents for which a pre-planned date would be suitable.

How to schedule your US tourist visa appointment for an interview?

Making an appointment for the US tourist visa interview is a mandatory task yet if you are not sure about what date and time works for you then try to schedule the nearest date possible. However, it also depends on the availability of the US embassy consulate as it is unlikely to get the nearest date possible.

Also, getting a notification every time the slot is available is pretty hectic. Moreover, it is important to understand the complete steps of how you can pick and schedule a specific date for your visa interview.

  • You can either choose to contact the US embassy or consulate and ask for a visa appointment or else fill out the D-160 form through the online portal of the official immigration website.
  • When you visit the official site, you will find a tab named Schedule a Biometric Appointment.
  • By clicking this option, you will be directed to a form including your personal information for identity and biometric details. Check and fill the vacant places with the correct information.
  • Submit the form and take a soft copy of your confirmation page that will work as an entry pass for you at the time of the interview.
  • Don’t forget to bring relevant documents with you at the time when your US tourist visa interview is scheduled.
  • Also, the interview will take at least 2-3 hours so push all the emergencies to the next date so that you can be more focused and stress-free while facing the interview.

Can you reschedule your US visa appointment?

Yes, you can adjust the US visa interview appointment with a limited number of times given by the government i.e. a total of 5 times including the initial appointment. However, it doesn’t mean that you can opt for rescheduling for any menial reasons. It is only given to those who have a genuine and legitimate excuse for not attending the interview.

  • After logging in to your account on the official website, you can search for the option for rescheduling your appointment on the left side of your dashboard. From there you can create a new appointment for yourself and there is no charge for the reschedule.
  • Also, you can contact the US embassy to provide you with a new date and time for the interview. As with the same previous appointment, you will need to carry the original appointment letter and other relevant documents at the time of your visit.

Conditions followed while rescheduling the appointment

  • Mostly, according to the immigration rules, individuals are given a total number of 5 appointments but it can be 2 or 3 in some cases depending on the profiling and application.
  • Whether US consulates will accept or reject your rescheduled request is entirely up to their judgment and decision.
  • They may contact you for further details when there is any misinterpretation.
  • Also, you will be given an exact reason in case of rejection or delay. However, avoid such scenarios by picking a date carefully on which you will be available.

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Final thoughts

Apart from the documentation, the US tourist visa application process also has an interview procedure. It is to check whether you are qualified to visit the country without any trouble or not. Due to the workload and government rules, you need to book an appointment for the interview.

However, in case you can’t attend the interview at a given time, you can always reschedule or adjust the date suitable for both the US consulate and your availability.

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