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How Is The Life Of Indian Students In USA?

How Is The Life Of Indian Students In USA?

The United States of America has always been a popular study and recreation location for Indians. It has a diverse population consisting of many cultural ethnicities and this inspires its food industry as well. Americans have a flashy lifestyle too. There are many top-rated universities filled with students from around the world. However, that brings us to a very conceptual question: how is the life of Indian students in USA?

What impact do universities in the USA have on the minds of Indian students?

Universities in the USA are popular because they offer many things and cultural diversity is one of them. Even though the student might take a few days to adapt to this change in surroundings, they are exhilarated by it once they get acquainted.

Life of Indian students in USA starts to change when they have friends from different countries. Social interactions form the backbone of personality development and positive changes can be seen everywhere. This boosts personality traits and enhances communication skills. Rich cultures of different countries come together forming a harmonious union.

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The effect of American food culture on Indian palette

As mentioned earlier, the American food culture is a mixture of food cultures from all around the globe. There are very few food items native to the USA. It is the hub of fusion food. However, the Indian palette is more familiar with spicy and flavorful delicacies alongside rice. It might affect the life of Indian students in USA for some days, but the body slowly adapts. While oil and ghee are used to cook most of the Indian food items, the prevalent use of butter is a bit concerning in the beginning.

Students also explore the food culture of different nations and slowly figure out what they are inclined towards.

The effect of the American Traffic system on Indian students

The USA is a bit tricky for Indians when it comes to driving. In India, one must drive the car on the left side of the road, while in America and many other European countries, they drive on the right side of the road. However, it is all a part of muscle memory. Once Indian students start to drive by the rules of the USA, they will be proficient in it. The student must possess an international driving licence to drive in the USA.

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The effect of Cost of Living on Indian students

The cost of living in the USA is extremely high compared to other countries. This is because a student has to do most of their work by themselves. This includes laundry, cooking, paying electricity bills, etc. The cost of hiring a house help, like we find in India, is extremely high and even well-to-do families struggle with paying them. 

The life of Indian students in USA becomes simpler if they take up a part-time job. However, studying and doing all other chores need proper planning and time management. There are student visa limitations under which the students are allowed to work for a maximum of 20 hours a week.

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The effect of housing costs on Indian students in the USA

The campus a student studies in might provide housing to the student. This might be within the institution’s boundaries or outside. Mostly the institutions are a decent walk or cycling distance away from the housing provided by them. But, there always remains an option of finding your housing.

Living alone is very costly and a three-share dormitory might be the best call. The life of Indian students in USA  varies according to the area they live in as well. Some places are calmer than others while others might have easier accessibility to important places. No matter where you live, the freedom in the USA allows you to explore the scenic days and lively nightlife of the country.

Ensuring safety in a foreign country

A safe and sound environment does not mean letting your guard down. A student should always be aware of their surroundings and be vocal about their problems with institution authorities. There are not many reported problems but safety comes first. Most institutions have their police. The law enforcement is strong and strict.

Future opportunities for an Indian student in the USA

Life of Indian students in USA gets better when they realise everything good they do adds to their chances of converting their study visa into a work visa later in life. The USA does not leave behind qualified helping hands which can contribute to the betterment of their country. A student who performs well in academics abides by the law maintains the foundational base of the country, understands “The True American Way” and is recognized as a future asset to the country has more chances of getting an American work visa approved faster. Letters of recommendation are highly appreciated as well.

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There are problems shifting to a new country with an unknown culture. But, one can always learn during the process of shifting and while they stay. Many Indian students figure out better and cheaper ways to get the job done. But, there is never an issue while applying for a visa because Visa24 has your back. Our expert consultants help you obtain your visa with ease.

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