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Is the USA a Safe Destination for Indian Immigrant Students

Is the United States a Safe Destination for Indian Immigrant Students? Let’s know more

The USA is a safe country for international students. Yes, you have heard it right. Although you must have noticed some disturbing incidents here in the past that were related to violence, racism, and other cruelties. Overall, it is not wise to consider that the whole country is unsafe due to these, instead, we can look and investigate in-depth before concluding anything.

This blog won’t be telling you to trust blindly, after all, it is concerned with your safety. But to look for yourself in whatever you can because that’s what you can do, research and study what the US has been doing for its student security.

Check these before choosing any university

Being popular and high-quality education does not always guarantee safety to the students. It is some other facts that make us confident that we get every possible help from the university we choose to study or you can take the help of professional USA visa consultant in Jalandhar.

  • Go through online reviews and past feedback of your desired university. Chances are you can find something useful or at least know your college well.
  • Are CCTV cameras installed in almost all places on the campus?
  • You can also check their security and transportation services in order to keep the students safe.
  • Read news or incidents involving your university and what their actions were in such circumstances.

Student safety is of utmost importance, especially for international students who are studying there alone, and the university has to take responsibility for its students’ safety and security.

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USA Safety Measures for International Students

The government plays a significant role in protecting its population in any country. Therefore, you always look for what preventive and strict measures they are taking and do not wait for a small issue to become a big one.

Especially, when we consider the USA as one despite the fact that it is divided into 50 states, the laws should be equally followed in every state.

Here are some common grounds on which USA’s safety stands;

  • As per US law, punishment will be not biased, irrespective of the community, age group, or gender involved.
  • There must be security cameras all over the streets of the USA that will be maintained and active 24*7.
  • It is every citizen’s right including immigrants to live and rightfully give opinions on specific matters.
  • Also, the US government can take over any university’s issue unless it gets resolved internally.
  • Students will be given enough resources and support for their prevention in terms of physical and mental health both by the university and the government.

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Are the US living conditions safe for Female Immigrant Students?

The US government is cooperating with the universities to tackle the concerns related to women’s safety all over the states. They have adopted and implemented many strategies that can protect the rights and lives of female students. Some of them are;

  • Providing separated public transport for females to prevent cases like sexual assault or harassment.
  • Tight security while traveling through metros or public buses.
  • Police stations are available throughout the day for your safety and security so that if anything happens you can call them directly.
  • Strict laws and rules are made for anyone promoting bullying, racism, or any other social misconduct.
  • You can raise your voice against anyone regardless of the power or position they have.

US Top 10 safest states

Here are the top 10 states in the USA considered to have safe living conditions

  1. New Jersey
  2. New York
  3. Maine
  4. California
  5. Massachusetts
  6. Texas
  7. Boston
  8. Wyoming
  9. Chicago
  10. Pennsylvania

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Some additional tips to stay safe in the US

Despite the fact that the US government has rules and policies portraying the basic rights and safety of people, the universities also promote awareness about how we have to act in case of emergencies. You should first think of how you can be safe and not be careless.

  • As an immigrant student, you must always have a US map with yourself, at least initially when you don’t know the streets.
  • Never blindly trust anyone and build healthy boundaries even with your close ones.
  • You’d know the basic safety protocols whenever something goes wrong that says first call a toll-free 911 to connect the police department.
  • Before going anywhere, do some background checking about the place and friends you are going with.
  • Don’t ever share your personal information with anyone whom you are either meeting for the first time or don’t know personally.
  • It is always recommended to ask for help and support from any authoritative body whether it is your university or the police officers, but remember to not follow everything they say, instead just ask the right questions.
  • Avoid night outings and drinking with strangers that might seem normal in the US but are not recommended for your safety.

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Final Thoughts

As an immigrant student, if you are planning to study in the USA but are worried about your safety then ask yourself clearly why you chose to get higher education in the States. Then, you should first collect all the facts and plan accordingly. On the other hand, the US government and universities have taken important measures to ensure the safety and rights of their students.


Why is safety an issue for immigrant students in the USA?

There are some recent disturbing incidents related to bullying, racism, or communism that have escalated concerns with respect to the safety of an immigrant student in the USA.

How can we stay safe by living the life we want in the US?

It is possible to stay safe while living in the States if you can be conscious and learn how to tackle emergency situations.

Is every state in the USA safe?

Not every state in the USA is safe. So, you should probably check the location and facilities of your university beforehand, and also be aware of the neighborhood you are staying in.

What are the measures that some American universities took for their female students’ safety?

They have a separate safety and security department that deals with female students’ crime-related issues.

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