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USA Study Visa process And Its Requirements

A Step-By-Step Guide On the USA Study Visa process And Its Requirements

Planning to pursue higher education in one of the esteemed universities of the USA is not as challenging as you think. In fact, with proper guidance, you can easily achieve your dream of studying abroad.

Not only this, Top professional USA study visa consultant in Jalandhar will also be supporting you throughout your student visa application journey which usually starts with filling out a DS-160 formbut a genuine visa expert will also understand how preparation initiates before even applying.

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Why is the USA considered a suitable destination for studying?

The USA is not considered the best study destination for everyone. Yes, you have heard it right. If you want to know whether the US is suitable for your learning experience, think a lot and ask yourself these 3 questions;

  1. Why do you even want to study in a place like the USA?
  2. What is your take on the program you have chosen?
  3. How are you going to handle your study while doing a part-time job? Are you flexible enough?

The fact that the USA doesn’t believe in the book learning method, even though they advise their students to read books but with their advanced technological learning techniques, there might be more inclination towards a practical approach.

So, if you are ready to gain some real-life experience while managing your living costs while getting an education there, then the USA will be suitable for you.

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Types of US Study Visas

The USA issues three major types of student visas, although the process of application is similar in all. They are;

  1. F-1 Type is for those international students who are planning to take a degree in one of the esteemed US universities.
  2. J-1 Type, for those who are in an exchange program, either for their high-school or college study.
  3. M-1 Type is applicable for vocational or training-based programs.

What preparation do you need to do before applying?

You need to be well-prepared before starting your study visa application journey. Do you want to know what those preparations are?

· Research Well

Even if we plan something menial as to what to wear, we will go through some options. Likewise, research well about the course you are going to choose and how are you planning your stay in the USA, etc.

· University and Course Selection

After your in-depth research, it is time to select universities and apply to them. Keep your approach as clear and accurate as possible.

· Applying for the universities

You can go through their websites to check their admission process and send your application on time.

· Fulfilling Admission Criteria

Many universities have their own criteria and norms on which they select their students. Study and research well on those, and prepare your profile accordingly.

· Acceptance of the offer letter

Wait for their response and in the case of approval, they will directly send you the offer letter, so accept it under the deadline.

·Time Management

You will have to take a gap of 6 months before starting your preparation to take admission. In doing so, time management skills are of utmost importance.

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How can anyone apply for a US student visa?

Anyone who wants to apply for a US study visa is required to undergo these stages;

· Application Filing

First, file your US study visa application and pay the fees. The form you need to fill out is the D-160 form. Print the confirmation page afterward.

· Document and Biometrics Submission

You also need to schedule an online appointment for your visit to the US visa application center in which your document and biometric submission will be done.

· Interview Round

Lastly, book your interview appointment and after clearing all these processes, you are left with receiving your visa on time.

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Eligibility Requirements for the US study visa application

How do you know whether you are eligible or not for a US student visa? There are mentioned requirements as per the standard American Immigration policies and those are;

  • A minimum six-month valid passport
  • An offer or a letter of acceptance from a US SEVP-recognized university.
  • At least 8-9 lakh in INR funds will be available in your bank account statement.
  • Fee receipt of the college.
  • Any one language proficiency test score is required as per your university rules.
  • D-160 confirmation application page
  • Passport-size photographs (not more than 6 months old).
  • Submission of your identity documents and Form I-20

Some recommended US universities and their annual fees

You’d be amazed to know the topmost and globally recognized 5 universities are of USA origin. If somehow you get admission to those universities, then it would be one of your career-changing turning points. However, if due to some reasons, you can’t, no worry. We have some recommended universities for you and their suggested annual fee for international students. You can go through each of them and decide what suits you better.

Name of the University    Master’s Fees Ug Graduate Fee
Brigham Young University                            $20,000
California State University     $28,000$36,000
Dakota State University             $20,000
Southwest Minnesota State University    $12,000$10,000
Northwest Missouri State   G9University    $16,000$30,000

Final Thoughts

Applying for a USA study visa is not a complicated task, but the preparation and planning do require expertise. There are also some eligibility and document requirements you need to fulfill before even starting your application. In order to overcome these hurdles, you can get support from a professional visa consultant and make your learning experience smooth.


1. Is staying and getting an education in the US costly?

It completely depends on your lifestyle there and your applicable college fees. Although, you can manage your stay while covering your expenses with your part-time jobs.

2. How much bank balance is required for studying in the USA?

A minimum of INR 8-9 lakh is supposed to be enough for you depending on the university fees and whether or not you will be working.

3. Can I be selected in one of the universities in the US without a strong academic record?

Yes, you can choose universities depending on your score. However, it also goes with the admission criteria and other conditions.

4. Will I be able to apply for a PR visa after completing my program?

You can renew your study visa after completion of your course. But as far as PR is concerned, you can apply for that only after your 5 years of stay.

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