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Exploring the globe is a dream of many. However, embarking on international travel needs a tourist visa and thus visa processing is important. Do you want to ease your journey to witness the attractive landscapes of Canada? Do you wish to see the historical monuments of the UK? Do you wish to experience the energetic culture of Australia? Do you wish to wander to different cities of the USA? This is where you need the assistance of a tourist visa consultant in Jalandhar. We provide the following services:

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With Visa 24 Services and our trained Tourist Visa Consultant in Jalandhar, you can go through a stress-free visa processing. Our world is an open book and needs to be explored thoroughly. So with us, you navigate the world of tourism of different countries with knowledge and confidence. Our consultants will file a full-proof application for the travelers so that they do not face any problem. We make sure to ease your process of attaining a visitor tourist visa in a short span of time. We make appropriate arrangements for interview preparation, application completion, visa documents, and interview applications. You can get in touch with our consultants now and resolve all your queries regarding visa processing.

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You do not have permission for paid or unpaid work in a UK based Company if you are a visitor. In order to undertake work related activities, you need to apply for Work Visa. However, if you are skilled in your profession, then you can get a permission to qualify for Permitted Paid Engagement and hence get paid.
Tourist visa for UK permits you to engage yourself in recreational activities. You are not permitted to work. However, you can engage in personal assignments and do some minor work for your foreign clients. Just make sure that you do not take up local employment.
It is not possible to get married in the UK with a visitor visa. Applying for a marriage visitor visa is mandatory for you. This visa is for the overseas nationals who desire to come here and register a civil partnership. You need to give an official notice about the event at the local registered office in the UK at least 29 days prior.
For a tourist visa, you will require the following documents:
• A valid passport
• A completed visa application from
• Proof of accommodation
• Passport-size photos
• Financial Statements
• Travel Insurance
• Travel itinerary
• Return ticket
There are chances that the requirements may vary country to country.
Yes, you can! You can look for employment opportunities and get your interview scheduled under B-1 or B-2 activities. There are few countries that allows interview but job offer acceptance take place only after you have a work visa with you!
Submit the application form, along with three recent photographs, essential documents like police clearance, ties to the home country and financial support proof. Visa24 helps you in all these steps. But, a 10-year tourist visa gives access to the country for ten years. The maximum time one can stay in the country is 6 months every year.
You can stay as a visitor for 6 months. You can apply for an extension before this period ends if you plan to stay further.
No. However, you can find work with your visitor visa and apply for a work visa when you get back to your home country.
Can I convert my visitor visa to a study visa in Canada?
A visa cannot be converted, it can only be reapplied. Applying for a work permit as a visitor takes at least 132 days to get approved.
An error-free application with all proper documents, proof of funds and purpose of visit can lead to a faster visa approval. You can always rely on Visa24 expert councillor guidance to speed up the process.
Currently, the wait time for non-immigrant visitor visas to the US varies from 506 days to 596 days, depending on the city of application.
Your bank statement should reflect at least 6000 USD or 500,655 INR excluding your travel expenses and travel insurance.
There is no restriction on the number of visits to the US as long as your visa is valid and has not expired.
Tourist visa from India typically takes 31 days for approval, irrespective of the method used: Online or offline. However, the approval time varies depending on the country you apply for and its tourist intake types .
Bank statements of the previous 3 months of the applicant should reflect a closing balance of 5000 AUD or 274,488 INR.
Your stay in the country becomes illegal and the actions taken can range from fines to deportation. There are chances of a permanent future entry ban.
Yes. If a person applies for the 10-year visa, the maximum stay limit per visit is 3, 6 or 12 months depending on the financial status of the applicant.
The maximum stay is 90 days or 3 months. However, someone with genuine reasons can apply for an extension up to 12 months.
You can stay until your Visa is valid, abiding by the stay limit. If a person wants to stay longer, they have to apply for a new visa.
It all comes down to your future ambitions and viewpoints when deciding between Canada and Italy. If you want to live in a culturally rich environment, Italy is the way to go; if you merely want to thrive intellectually, Canada is the way to go.
Italy is well-known for its culture and value in learning approach. It is indeed considered a decent place where you can grow your career and at the same time comfortably live in peace.
An Italian student visa application price ranges between €110 and €150. To minimize delays or recurring expenses.
You can study in Italy without attempting an IELTS test. However, you have to consider your university and program selection criteria before appearing for an Italian visa application procedure.
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