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The Ultimate Guide On How To Make Appointments For USA Tourist Visa

Submitting documents online is not enough for your USA visitor visa application, you need to schedule a date of appointment for your embassy visit. It is the time when your document evaluation and other legal formalities need to be done.

In this blog, we will go through what you need to do while booking an appointment and what are the formalities you are supposed to fulfill at the time of your embassy visit. Also, what preparations are required in order to avoid unexpected outcomes such as visa rejection or hold?

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Different Categories of the USA Visitor Visas

Do you know there are different categories of a US tourist visa depending upon the purpose of your visit? You need to understand those to have a clear understanding of what would be your visa type and the process involved. So, they might be;

B1 Visa Type

You can also name them the official visa when your purpose of visit would be some official work such as business meetings, research related, or attending any examination conducted in the US, etc.

B2 Visa Type

This isthe personal type of tourist visawhere you are visiting the US with the purpose of travelling, attending any personal event, getting any medical treatment, or participating in a contest.

They are non-immigrant types of US tourist visas where the process involved is similar but has specific differences in documentation and interview questions asked.

However, you are not permitted to work, study, or be involved in any restricted activities while holding these visas. They are like finishing your task for which you have entered and left the US before the visa expiration date.

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Are you done with all Pre-appointment processes?

Have you prepared all the documents required for your embassy visit and interview process? The applicant needs to attend two interviews one is for your biometric and identity proof submission and another is your actual interview round.

However, before even scheduling an appointment for these, you have to fill out a D-160 visa application form where you will be putting all your details including your native country, the exact purpose of your visit, and other mandate details.

You must carefully fill in all the information as per the instructions because any suspicious or incorrect data can have negative outcomes. Only after submission of this form, you can go ahead with your appointments.

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A Guided manual of how you can make the appointment while applying for a US Tourist Visa

Now that you have proof of your D-160 application submission with a barcode printed on it, you need to make your OFC appointment. This is the one when you will visit your nearby USA application center to give in the biometrics along with a valid passport and your identity proof details.

  • Login to your account on the official US visa website and click on the Schedule My Appointment Option.
  • You will be headed to the new page wherein you have to provide all the necessary details including the date and time of your appointment and whether or not you want the appointment confirmation letter in your mailbox.
  • Do remember if you don’t find the date that you want, you can always get the nearest date. You can go with that if you want.
  • After finishing and submitting, you will get your appointment confirmation letter, you can print it out for future use.

Document required for US Visa Interview for tourism

This part is one of the essentials of the visa application process, yet the most neglected one. Depending on what your tourist visa type is, you will be required to submit these documents at the time of your OFC appointment.

  • You are required to carry your passport with at least a six-month validity period.
  • Identity Proof that involves your native country’s citizenship ID and a digital photograph as per the government’s rule.
  • If you have previously visited the US for some reason, you should also bring the relevant documents related to those.
  • Your bank statement and proof of earnings can confirm your financial stability.
  • You are supposed to show permanent residency proof of your native country, which might include your family’s property or land under your name.
  • Anything related to your purpose of visit will be suitable such as an address proof or invitation letter where you are going to stay while travelling to the USA.

Is it difficult to get dates of appointment?

For this, you need to keep yourself updated with the changing rules of US government policy. Some days there will be no date availability even for the months. However, it completely relies on the workload and the government’s dynamic immigration policies.

Key Takeaways

If you are planning to visit the US this year, maybe for the purpose of travelling or having to do some official work, the process of applying for a US tourist visa is similar in both scenarios. However, the applicant’s filing and the questions you will face during the interview round might be different. You can start by filing and scheduling your appointment today.


If I am not getting any slots open for a US Visa appointment, what would be the reason?

The reason might be the workload and the government changing immigration policy. However, with the right approach and awareness, you can get your desired slot.

What is the standard wait time for a US visa appointment?

There is no one standard wait time for the appointment. For this, you need to keep yourself updated.

How can I book my US Tourist visa appointment?

After logging into your account, you have to click on the Schedule My Appointment option where you have to fill in all the details along with your available slot.

Can I renew my US tourist visa without the interview process?

Depending on your profile, the interview process may or may not be required for both B1/B2 visa types.

Can I make an OFC appointment without filing the D-160  Form?

You need to have a D-160 form confirmation number in order to go ahead with your appointment.

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