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how to get a job in usa with indian degree

How to Get Hired in The USA Successfully as An Indian Degree Holder

Are you struggling to find a way to get hired in the USA with your Indian degree? Every year, there is an increasing number of students graduating from an Indian university trying to get settled in the USA or applying for a visa that allows them to work there.

However, it seems a bit of a challenging task considering differences in their education system and hiring process. Although, with the right approach and guidance, you can overcome such obstacles and achieve your goal of settling down in the USA.

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How can you get hired in the USA with an Indian Degree?

The fact that the USA has immense job opportunities that we never discover just because we don’t know the right way to direct our search. There are some guided steps you can adopt though they are not fixed and can be modified accordingly.

1.   Make your list

Prepare a list of roles and industries you can work with. Also, mention skills, qualifications, number of experience required so on and so forth. This will be your initial step and the most important one that provides a strong foundation for your planning.

2.   Gain some field expertise

You are then required to gain some expertise and insights into your chosen field by taking internships or diploma certifications, etc.

3.   Customize and Craft your Resumes

Customize your resume by mentioning skills and abilities with supported experiences.

4.   Research Online

Actively search what US jobs match your skills, experience, qualifications, and whether or not you accept an Indian degree holder.

5.   Send your applications

Go through their job descriptions and send your applications accordingly.

6.   Build networks and Links

Try to build a network by connecting to the Indian community who are already working in the USA.

7.   Work on your Communication skills

As you know the US is a native English-speaking country so working on communication skills and language won’t only contribute to your job research but also to your visa application process.

8.   Plan for further studies

If possible, then don’t stop learning and plan to pursue your further studies in the USA.

9.   Learn how to represent

Anyone can learn skills but representing them is not easy.

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Is getting a job in the USA with an Indian degree easy?

Getting a job in the USA with an Indian degree has its own challenges including education relevancy and recruitment bias are the big ones. American companies often prefer someone who either is a local US degree holder or has a strong academic background from a well-recognized Indian university. However, it is not impossible and by implementing strategic tricks and often planning for further studies, Indian students can easily start their working journey there.

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Are hiring processes in the USA different from India?

Despite all the key differences between the USA and India hiring procedures, there are foundational similarities that we can not avoid. Some of them including skills and experience matter a lot in both of them, conversational and representational skills have no alternatives, and active negotiation as per the market situation is of utmost importance.

However, you will often observe their selection and hiring process are more rigorous and they are more focused on whether or not your personality will fit a particular role. They will be checking your past records and how much you have practical experience in the field you want to pursue. On top of that, if you have strong networking and referrals then these will add up as your additional and irreplaceable assets.

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What are some degrees that are more demanding in the USA?

The job market indeed varies location-wise but in order to understand it you are required to research some of the valuable fields and studies that are comparatively demanding and more worthy than others. They are;

  1. STEM Field
  2. Diploma in Medical and Healthcare
  3. Trading and Investments
  4. Finance and Accounts
  5. Computer and Information Technology
  6. Data Science and Analytics
  7. Sales and Marketing

Eligibility Requirements of Work Permit in the USA

  • Relevant Education and Experience
  • Employment offer
  • License and Certifications (if needed)
  • Language Proficiency test scores
  • Intentional and Personality Requirements

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Steps of applying for Work Visa in the USA

  • Research and Identify

First, research what type of work visa you are planning to apply for and then go through its eligibility and document process.

  • Apply for jobs in the US

Start applying for jobs in the US by either applying on their websites or through networking with people like you.

  • Filing the Work visa application form

File your work visa application through online or offline mode and provide all your details accurately and carefully.

  • Pay the fees

After that, pay your fees depending on the type of visa applied.

  • Submission of relevant documents

All the documents will be submitted after careful consideration and checking.

  • Attend visa interview

On approval, attend your visa interview at the scheduled time and follow all the US immigration laws.

  • Get your medical examination done

Lastly, a whole body medical test will be required to submit including a COVID test.

  • Approval of visa

Now that you have done all the visa process, you will get a notification of final approval.

  • Apply for a work permit in the USA

File Form I-765 for Employment Authorization Document (EAD) which allows you to work.

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Wrapping Up

With the right approach and persistent efforts, Indian students can easily overcome challenges in getting a stable job in the USA. Before applying, prioritize your relevant skills and abilities for the role. Also, to customize your application, research the requirements and hiring processes for your field in the United States. Lastly, strengthen your networking with those who are already working in the US while holding an Indian degree.


Are Indian degrees valid in the USA?

Yes, they are considered valid as per the US employment laws depending on its excellence and accreditation.

Can I directly apply for a job in the USA?

You can try for direct application however, it is not simple and requires a step-by-step strategic approach.

Do American companies have eligibility criteria for the selection of immigrants?

Yes, the selection criteria and hiring process of American companies are more rigorous and one must know how to approach them while representing relevant skills and experience.

Is it hard to find a job in the USA as an Indian degree holder?

It is indeed a challenging task to find a job in the USA while holding any foreign degree however, it is not impossible to do so.

Which is better- working in the USA or India?

It entirely depends on your preferences. If you are more into money making and exploring yourself while working and dealing with the American workforce then doing a job in the USA gives you more satisfaction.

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