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GRE Score is Required for Scholarship in the USA

Understanding How Much GRE Score is Required for Scholarship in the USA

The Graduate Record Examination, short for GRE is a standardized assessment commonly conducted for admission to graduate programs in the United States. Although the minimum requirement for a GRE score is expected to bebetween 140-150 for the Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning sections while 3.5- 4.0 falls under Analytical Writing, you can get admission in most of the US graduate institutions even getting less than that. Moreover, your GRE test score is essential for qualifying for scholarships and other funding rewards depending upon how strong your academic record is and your profile representation. Let’s know more in detail.

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Why attempt for scholarships in the USA?

The most obvious reason behind opting for scholarships in the USA is to support your high tuition costs as an international student, it is more than that. The scholarships that they apply for;

1. Better Profiling

Scholarships are given to those students who either have a strong academic background or have a better profile.

2. Enhanced Visa success rate

Your USA study visa success rate also improved because of this scholarship approval.

3. Valuable Education

Getting an education from one of the top colleges in the USA might be costly for students who belong to the average income category and scholarships might be the way to overcome such hurdles.

4. Ease in Immigration

Showing a scholarship from a US institution eases the process of immigration and strengthens your profile.

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Role of GRE in Scholarship Programs in the USA

GRE is a widely accepted examination conducted for students who want to pursue their graduate or master’s degree in the USA. Although there is no direct role established in scholarship programs, the possibility of being considered one of the influential eligibility. A high GRE score can largely affect your scholarship application, in some ways, it’s an indicator of your strong academic background.

The format of the GRE is designed in such a way that it thoroughly tests your verbal, quantitative, and analytical ability in all aspects. Scoring well in this type of examination shows you have relevant intellectual abilities.

Minimum GRE Score range for securing a scholarship in the USA

The minimum GRE score requirement entirely depends on your chosen university and the program you enrolled in.

1. Top 10 US universities

Universities like Ivy League, Stanford, and MIT fall under such category. You will require a minimum of 165+ scores on your GRE in order to apply for their scholarship programs.

2. Among Top 50

For institutions falling under the top 50 category in the USA location, the minimum requirement for their GRE eligibility is roughly 160.

3. Moderately Competitive

Generally, they are rated as average universities combining a group of 100 US-recognized institutions that prefer an overall 150 GRE score.

4. Less Competitive Programs

Some colleges still favor a range between 140-150 for their fellowship programs.

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What happens if I have a low GRE score?

Before understanding this, what is a low GRE score based on your opinion? Considering getting less than 140 in both sections of the GRE, you can still crack universities with less competitive ranks worldwide. However, when it comes to applying for scholarship programs, there is less than 40% probability, yet having a potential profile with a strong Statement of Purpose can contribute.

Strategies to improve your GRE score

The skills required for improving GRE scores are not inherited and can be acquired with dedicated practice and strategy preparation. You can;

1. Understand the GRE format

Have a brief understanding of the format followed in the GRE and do an in-depth analysis of them.

2. Prepare a Strategy

After analysis, a preparation strategy is required that suits your convenience and schedule.

3. Work on your Four proficiency areas

The four areas lie in your verbal, written, listening, and speaking abilities. Work on them based on your designed strategy.

4. Vocabulary Training

Consistent adding words and meanings for your vocabulary-building activities will help.

5. Master the Foundational Mathematics

Having a strong base on mathematics and reasoning skills is also considered a good start.

Eligibility to get into US graduate program for scholarships

If you are only worried about your GRE score then you will miss out on these eligibilities that still weigh when it comes to applying for scholarships in the USA.

1. Grades and Academic Performance

While applying for a fellowship program for any university, they will check your academic track record and grades achieved.

2. Internships or Projects

Taking internships or subject-relevant projects can also enhance the quality of your scholarship application.

3. Recommendation letter and Statement of Purpose

If you can obtain recommendation letters from either your lecturers or any known personality is considered beneficial.

4. Candidate’s Profile and Interview

Your profile and interview performance also contribute to your US scholarship application.

5. Participation in other activities

Extracurricular activities involving research and theory participation will enhance your chances of getting a scholarship in the US.

US institutions offering scholarships based on GRE score

Here are some of the major US colleges that provide scholarships to their international students.

New York University selects students based on merit and GRE scores. They offer fellowships like MacCracken to graduate pursuing pupils.

The University of Florida offers scholarships to its doctoral students based on their GRE or GPA scores.

The University of Southern California qualifies master-pursuing students for its USC Graduate Fellowship program.

Arizona State University rewards the ASU Graduate Fellowship for its extraordinary students.

The University of Texas offers its Continuing Fellowship Program for its outstanding PhD applicants.

Key Takeaways

From top-ranked to low-competitive schools, a GRE score contributes immensely to their scholarship programs and admission selection.  Although the eligible GRE score varies based on the university norms and the course you chose, a range between 145 and 150 can be considered a minimum requirement. Almost all the institutions in the USA conduct merit-based fellowships supported by high GRE percentile and other criteria. Typically, the 90 Percentile in each section of the GRE is highly praised. The more your score is the more possibility it has to favour various university scholarship programs.

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1. What is the average GRE score to get a fellowship in the USA?

When it comes to applying for Graduate fellowship programs, an average of 160-165 GRE score is sufficient. However, it can vary based on other factors.

2. Is GRE difficult to crack?

Some other eligibility requirements including your past academic track record, interest in relevant research work, and the profile you submit can also impact.

3. Can I retake the GRE if I can’t get a minimum score?

Yes, you can retake as many as you want if you are not satisfied with your performance.

4. Besides GRE, what other factors affect your scholarship program?

Some other eligibility requirements including your past academic track record, interest in relevant research work, and the profile you submit can also impact.

5. Is the GRE mandatory for all areas of study?

Not for areas of study, but best suited for STEM degree-pursuing students.

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