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Navigate Your Journey from Visa To Citizenship With The Top Immigration Consultant In Jalandhar

Navigate Your Journey from Visa To Citizenship With The Top Immigration Consultant In Jalandhar

The immigration process can be overwhelming depending on your situation and the purpose of your visit. There can be temporary visas, permanent resident visas, or granted citizenship status to take as an approval for immigration. However, the process of application in each case is similar apart from the document submitted and questions asked in your interview round.

If you are also planning to migrate to any foreign country, you must be aware of the procedure of visa application and how to apply. Let’s dig into it.

Permanent Resident Vs Temporary Visa

When someone is taking permission for a specific duration and purpose then an individual opts for a Temporary Visa. Getting this type of visa is comparatively less challenging than the other.

However, it also depends on the applicant’s profile and the purpose of his visit. As far as the visa processing is concerned, it is the same but you need to go through the official website of your desired country to know more about it or you can take the help of a trusted immigration consultant in Jalandhar. There are indeed fewer complications and doesn’t involve complex immigration rules and policies.

Are you planning to move to a foreign country on a permanent basis? If your answer is yes, then you should apply for a Permanent Resident Visa or in short, a PR visa or Green Card.Someone who has already stayed in a country for at least more than 5 years is eligible for this visa depending on the immigration laws and policies of that particular nation.

For instance, most European countries permit a PR to any individual who is staying for 3-8 years on a temporary residency. However, it is more complicated and lengthy as the average processing time between application and approval is between one to 1.5 years.

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Visa Application Process for Immigration Purposes

Even for a PR visa application for any country, you must first get a temporary resident visa but the purpose should be valid and clearly mentioned. If you are not able to convince the consular of your intentions and purpose, then your visa application can be rejected. Isn’t it complex?

Let’s talk more stepwise about how you can apply for a Dual intent visawhere you are just taking temporary residency for a Green Card so you can understand.

  1. Fill out the visa application form and submit all the documents provided.
  2. Schedule your appointments for biometric and offline document submission and then finalize all the information to get an application submission approval page.
  3. Print out this page and carry this along with the other documents on the day of your appointment at the nearby Immigration office.
  4. Ask any queries you have and provide all the details including your purpose of visit and about the interview.
  5. After submitting, you will get an application number using which tracking can be possible or else you will get notified from the visa consultant office.
  6. When your application is approved, you are now left with booking an appointment for your interview round.
  7. Clearing all these, you will get your temporary visa on a dual intent.

Having a dual intent won’t affect your application. However, you are not eligible for the PR, only after living there for more than 5 years, or as per the immigration policy, you are allowed to file an immigration petition there in order to apply for a Green Card.

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Is hiring an Immigration Consultant worth it?

An immigration consultant is a professional authority who knows how to deal with legal situations. So if you don’t want to take a risk on your visa procurement then, it is always recommended to take guidance from an expert rather than asking someone who has no prior experience.

Are there differences in questions asked in the PR visa interview process?

Yes, there are significant differences in questions asked in your PR interview than applying for a temporary visa.

You will be asked about your purpose and goal of staying in a country on a permanent basis or applying for citizenship. If you have no accurate answer to this question then based on your temporary visa, you don’t get permission to live there permanently.

Also, there might be some questions regarding your track record or any criminal history while staying there. They will check the knowledge and ability that you have learned during your stay.

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Am I eligible for a PR visa?

Unless you have spent at least 5 years or an acceptable duration by immigration laws, you are not eligible for a PR visa from any country.

Yet, you are free to apply for a PR visa while staying in your home country, but the chances are less and solely depend on the reason and an applicant’s profiling.

Visa Rejections

Although, there are many reasons behind your visa denial. Some of them are;

  • Incomplete or False Information
  • Insufficient Funds
  • Lack of Evidence on Your Purpose of Visit
  • Can’t convince the counselors for your visit
  • Applicant’s Conversational or Personality Concerns
  • Passport Issues
  • Ineligibility such as crime record or any health problems, etc.

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Final Thoughts

Getting a PR visa is not an easy task though it is more secure than a temporary visa and comes with the basic citizenship rights of any country. However, rejections are inevitable in the case of applying for a permanent visa depending on the purpose and whether or not fulfilling the immigration policies.


1. How long will it take to apply for an immigration visa process?

visa can take from few weeks to months, depend on the country, visa type and several other factors.

2. Is applying for a PR more difficult than a temporary visa?

Yes, it is a little bit more challenging than a temporary visa depending on how far you can manage to satisfy the immigration laws.

3. What might be the challenges you can face while applying for a visa?

Lack of documents, ineligibility based on past records or applicant’s profile, and insufficient bank balance are some of the challenges you might face.

4. Are rejections common for a PR visa?

Yes, there are lower PR visa success rates compared to other types.

5. What will happen in the Immigration Office?

You will be submitting all your supported documents along with your identity proof including biometrics and photographs at the Immigration Office.

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