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top 10 reasons for canada student visa rejection and 10 tips for avoid rejection

Exploring Top 10 Reasons For Canada Student Visa Rejection And Tips To Avoid

Canada is the topmost choice for most International students because it offers a safe and growing environment and also has countless employment opportunities. However, getting a Canadian student visa might be challenging, considering that nearly a million applications occur every year. The success rate of acquiring study visas for Canada has decreased to 40% due to either ineligible candidates or inadequate documents. The Canadian Embassy has recently restricted more rules and regulations to filter out genuine immigrant students. Here are some of the significant reasons you should avoid while applying for a Canadian student visa.

1. Ineligibility

The candidate might be considered ineligible due to unacceptable health issues or the invalidity of your passport. In such a scenario, the chances of reapplying after rejection are pretty low. However, you can try to contact a verified consultancy for a solution.

2. Insufficient Funds

While applying for a study permit, your financial stability has also become a significant factor to be checked. As per the rules, a minimum balance of CAD $10,000 plus your college’s first year of tuition fees is required to show in your visa application.

3. Not having a Letter of Acceptance.

It is issued to an international student by the institution applying for it. Not having LOA might be a big concern for you if you are applying for a Canadian student visa.

4. Incomplete or Invalid documentation

Complete and valid documentation plays a significant role in the visa application process. Lack of any essential document or false information will lead to rejection.

5. Unqualified for the program applied

Your academic performance will be checked while considering a student visa application. So, if your qualification history doesn’t get matched with the program you are applying for, resulting in a visa application denial.

6. Poor command of English language skills

The second part after documentation is your interview procedure, where your language proficiency should be up to the level of fluency. However, your IELTS score is also included under the documentation part and can affect the visa application.

7. Suspicious Background

Your criminal and health record will be investigated before a student visa application is approved. Also a proper health check-up report is also a vital document to submit during visa processing. So, any uncertainty reflecting background can be subject to a rejected visa.

8. Doubtful Intention

At the time of the interview, they will check your intentions regarding your future plans. Rejection will be right away if any doubtful situation has been found from your end. A Canadian student visa is temporary, so that they will look into your return plans.

9. Weak Academic Background

As mentioned above, your academic performance matters a lot in the case of a student visa application. So, your prior mark sheet reports will get examined to understand your educational background.

10.  Absence of Offer Letter

As per the immigration rule, you must have an offer letter issued by a prestigious university in Canada. The absence of this will become a serious reason behind your student visa getting rejected.

Tips to Avoid Student Visa Rejection for Canada

  • Proper documentation as per the Canadian immigration rule.
  • Enough financial funds in your bank.
  • A valid passport.
  • Clean background
  • Language proficiency with a band of 6 IELTS score.
  • Choose a relatable program to study.
  • Strong academic performance
  • Avoid any false intention
  • Have an explicit future goal.
  • Apply with an offer letter from a recognized university.

Final Takeaways

Getting a Canadian student visa for an international student might become a challenging part of their educational journey. Having a transparent background with proper identification proof are the two vital aspects of the application process. Apart from this, you can get professional guidance from a recognized and certified visa consultant who will minimize the complication of the entire application process.


Am I able to re-apply for a Canada student visa after multiple rejections?

Yes, you can apply as many times as you want. However, it also depends on the reasons for your rejection. So, it is best if you check the prior applications before applying for a new one.

Can IELTs scores affect my student visa application?

It can not be directly connected to your visa application. However, many universities in Canada consider your IELTS scores as mandatory eligibility.

How can I prove my intention while applying for a student visa?

It is difficult to prove that you will leave Canada after program completion if you are applying for the first time. However, your academic performance and property ownership in your home country can become crucial evidence.

What might be the possible reasons behind a Canada student visa getting rejected?

Lack of proper documentation, doubtful background, poor academic performance, or unfit for the course you applied are some of the major causes.

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