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Guide to Writing a Cover Letter for a Canada Tourist Visa

A Comprehensive Guide To Writing A Cover Letter For A Canada Tourist Visa

If you think that submitting travel documents and passing your interview round will be able to get you a Canadian tourist visa, then you are wrong. However, they are essential integrated parts of the tourist visa application process. Yet they are not enough to qualify you as a Canadian traveler. You need to write an official cover letter and submit it with your relevant documents. As you are planning to travel to Canada, it can be assumed that you are aware of the required documents submitted while applying for a tourist visa. However, if you don’t know, then visit the official Canada immigration and citizenship website to collect all the information.

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Important 10 Points To Remember While Writing A Cover Letter

  • A cover letter is like a detailed description covering your purpose and the complete planning of your traveling.
  • It must be submitted with your travel and other relevant documents; failing to which might lead to visa rejection.
  • Your cover letter should be not so long, with a minimum range of 250-400 words divided into six paragraphs. (can be modified)
  • Avoid plagiarism and write in such a way that it will align with your positive and genuine nature.
  • Follow and analyze the format of a cover letter for a Canadian tourist visa thoroughly.
  • Use simple and concise language while writing a cover letter.
  • Plan and draft your cover letter to get an idea about what you are going to write in it.
  • The embassy official will check and read your cover letter, which should clearly state your intention and how long you are going to live in Canada.
  • Research extensively before even starting to write a cover letter, such as how you can write a perfect Canadian tourist visa cover letter that won’t get rejected.
  • If you are still not sure about writing one, then you can ask for professional help from visa experts. They will be with you until you successfully get your tourist visa.

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What To Mention In Your Cover Letter?

1.  Embassy Name and Address

The Canadian consulate or embassy’s name and address should be written above everything else.

2.  The duration

It is the exact date and time of your arrival and return back to the country.

3.  Full name and your occupation (if you are working)

It should be clearly mentioned and must match your identity proof. Also, if you are working, then you can add your company and profile there.

4.  The Passport number and validity

After your full name, you will have to write your valid passport number.

5.  Your detailed traveling plan

It is the most essential part, which is the main body of your cover letter. This should include your entire journey and the purpose of your visit. If you are there to travel, then do mention the places and the route you are planning to visit.

6.  Financial support

From where will you get financial assistance while traveling to Canada? If you have enough funds, then do mention that, or if you are planning to do part-time work alongside your touring, then share this as well. Make sure that all points will be practically planned with the intention of implementation.

7.  Your home country

Add your home country name and citizenship status with the identity proof you are holding.

8.  References details (if any)

If you know someone in Canada and are invited by them, don’t forget to include their name, the exact address, and the relationship you have with them.

9.  Your staying address

Where are you planning to stay in Canada, and why? It should be mentioned clearly in your cover letter.

10. Contact Number And Email Address

Your active contact number and email address will be there on the last line of the cover letter.

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Avoid These Mistakes

  • Complex Sentences
  • Too many details
  • Doubtful tone (non-planned trip or unintentional purpose)
  • Irrelevant and false information
  • Using informal statements or comments
  • Including your age or date of birth
  • Errors in language, such as Grammatical
  • Not following a standard format

Final Words

Apart from documentation and interview processes, there is one more thing you need to submit while applying for a Canadian tourist visa. The cover letter is a comprehensive note which must include your purpose for visiting Canada and how long you will stay there. This is to check your intention and genuine reason behind choosing Canada as your travel destination. You can search the standard format for a cover letter submitted along with the documents and create one for yourself or else hire a professional visa Consultant that will provide you with a better approach in your traveling journey.

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