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Top Tips To Achieve A High PTE Score For A UK Student Visa Application

Top 5 Essential Tips To Achieve A High PTE Score For A UK Student Visa Application

The United Kingdom is globally recognized as the second-best study destination for immigrant students after the United States of America. There are crores of students yearly planning to get higher education in the UK. However, half of them are either disqualified while application processing or in the interview round. Your visa application is the first and most crucial stage, where immigration officials will check all the documents, including your language proficiency score, such as PTE (Pearson Test Of English). It is one of the prominent accepted tests by British universities. The PTE score will determine your command of English and conversational skills.

How Will a PTE Score Impact Your Visa Application?

Currently, more than 90% of UK universities accept PTE scores as a mandatory criterion of their student visa application . However, it is more applicable for higher studies such as diplomas or graduation degree programs and not for the foundational level of studies. Your average UK PTE score differs with the course and the university you have chosen. However, a minimum range between 60-70 might be enough for most British universities.

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Important Points to Know About PTE Test

  • Your age should be 16 and above to take the PTE exam.
  • Countries including the US, Canada, Australia, the UK, and New Zealand are accepting PTE scores as one of their eligibility for visa applications.
  • PTE test scores will be updated within a week, and you can’t apply until your scores are out.
  • The PTE exam is similar to other standard language skill assessments such as IELTS; however, it is designed and conducted by Artificial Intelligence.
  • The time duration will be two hours, and the test fees will be in the range of $185 to $275.
  • You can only use a system (laptop or computer) for this test.

Top 5 Tips to Improve Your PTE Score for a UK Visa

1. Pattern

In order to prepare for the Pearson Test for the English language, you must thoroughly go through its pattern and research previous year sets. It will not only give you an idea about the overall difficulty level of the exam but also help you to understand your weak areas.

2. Division of sections

The PTE test includes three sections- Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing. They are placed in such a way that speaking and writing will be combined into one section, and the number of questions will be 20. You need to go through and analyze each section thoroughly.

3. Time Allocation

Overall 2 hours time will be allocated to you, which is further divided into 54-67 minutes for the speaking and writing section, 29-30 minutes for reading, and 30-43 minutes for listening. You need to practice while considering this standard time allocation.

4. Preparation Material

You can opt for online as well as offline preparation material, whichever suits you better. There are both advantages and disadvantages for each of them. It entirely depends upon you and your priorities. You should give more time to your weak areas while revising others.

5. Consistent Practice

It is recommended that you follow the one-practice rule for each section. If you are not so confident in your speaking skills, then do practice more by spending more hours speaking. Consistent practice with dedication will be the key to achieving more scores on this test.

Final Thoughts

Getting the UK student visa on your first attempt requires in-depth knowledge and expertise in the entire visa application process. However, most of the time, a lack of information and failure to meet the government’s requirements will result in denial. Your PTE score is also a contributing factor in working behind the complete student visa process. It is considered one of the mandatory standards in most UK-based universities, so it will be a good opportunity for you to get a higher score with your effort and preparation. You can register for the PTE test through its official website and get your UK visa as soon as possible.

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