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Australia Student Visa Processing Time After Medical Examination

Understanding Australia Student Visa Processing Time After Medical Examination

Besides filing an application form online, biometric submission, and interview process, checking medical background is one of the key procedures to follow while applying for an Australian student visa. Its primary role is to assess your health completely to eliminate any risks. They cover all your health criteria involving your entire body check-up for finding the possibility of communicable diseases or other potential abnormalities. Therefore, meeting these requirements can help in your visa approval.

Why Medical Examination is an essential step for an Australian study visa?

Getting medical clearance for an Australian study visa application is considered to be one of the essential steps in a way that it;

1. Assess your physical and mental health

The medical tests check the possible issues that can affect your mental and physical health conditions. It involves overall body checkups considering your psychological and physiological states.

2. Avoiding Chronic Diseases

Some diseases can chronically affect not only your whole body system but also your surroundings. Therefore, evaluating those before risks can save you and the population of your migrant country.

3. Out of Compulsion

The medical Clearance process for Australian study visa application has become a mandated step by the governments of both nations.

4. Check Medical Fitness

The examination also checks your medical fitness based on the standard set by immigration policies of the Australian visa application. The criteria can be anything decided by the officials and current situations.

5. Qualifies Accommodation

Whether you qualify to live in the country or not can also be tested while conducting your medical examination. Although Australia generally does not take any strict measures to make decisions, they have their standard to be surpassed.

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Australia Study Visa Medical Test Requirements

Based on your medical track record, the tests involve;

  • X-Ray of Chest
  • Overall Body Check-up
  • Blood Reports
  • Viral or any other Infections
  • Urine Tests
  • Vaccinations
  • Other Specialised Examinations

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How long does it take to get Australian student Visa Medical Results?

In common instances, it takes usually 24-48 hours to process an Australian Student Visa after the complete medical examination. However, this duration varies on several factors. There can be;

1. Delay in medical report collection

After your complete medical examination, there would be a restricted timeline under which you have to submit your reports so that your visa can be processed on time. Any issues related to this might become one of the major causes of your visa processing duration.

2. Quality of Sample

When it comes to blood or urine analysis, the quality of the sample is considered to be of utmost priority. Any mishandling can lead to negative effects on the entire visa medical examination procedure.

3. Appointment Issues

In case of vaccination or other tests where an appointment is required must be pre-booked and planned based on the standard clinical timelines

4. Some Health Problems

If possible, check your health and then go for the medical tests. Problems like fever or any kind of infection can alter the quality of reports you will get after the complete analysis.

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Steps After Completing Medical Examination

There are some steps to be followed after finalizing the medical examination as a part of the Australian study visa application.

1. Verify all the documents

You should verify all the paperwork beforehand to minimize the chance of possible mistakes. The medical reports must be genuine and fulfill the standard timelines.

2. Report Uploads and Submission

Upload all the medical reports on time to avoid any delay and if you have any issues in compiling them then you can prefer offline submission.

3. Check the Status

Check your status after a successful submission. In some cases even after finalizing, some issues can happen.

4. Wait for Updates

The next step that is not in your control is to wait for the next updates till they make their judgment. If any problem occurs, they will contact you.

5. Visa Approval and Collection

Now that your waiting period is over, you can collect your visa at a nearby official Australian visa application center.

How do you avoid some common mistakes that can cause visa processing delays?

Not every mistake can be unavoidable, even experts like Australian visa professionals might face difficulty in resolving some issues. However, some common loopholes can be recognized and resolved on time.

1. Complete your documentation part

Cross-check every detail regarding your documentation part so that you will not miss even a minute of information.

2. Visa Fee must be paid

Completely pay your visa fees based on the financial method that the official visa website states.

3. Manage your time

From start to end, everything should be managed concerning the given time mentioned by standard visa timelines.

4. Get Appointment First

Sometimes, even getting an appointment for medical processes like vaccination and other vital tests is not an easy task. Therefore, planning things beforehand is of utmost priority.

5. Take your health seriously

Even a normal fever or any infection can cause major defects in your medical examination reports submitted in the Australian study visa application process.

6. Avoid overburdening yourself

Going overboard is normal when you are facing legal work and to avoid certain circumstances, professional guidance is always recommended.

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Wrapping Up

Even though the primary process involved in an Australian study application is to first fill out the form online and follow an interview procedure, other steps can not be avoided. One of them is to go through a Visa Medical Examination involving your entire body checkup to assess your health condition and to check whether or not surpasses the fitness criteria of a complex visa process. After finalizing all the medical tests done by certified specialists, the overall Australian student visa processing duration would be 6 to 8 weeks depending on specific factors and conditions.


1. Why should I go through a Medical Examination while applying for an Australia Study Visa?

Your medical examination clearance during the Australian visa application process is a compulsory step that can assess your health conditions and check the risks related to it.

2. Can Medical Clearance be one of the causes of your visa delay?

The procedure can be hectic as it involves the collection and management of a variety of test reports. Therefore, delay might happen.

3. How much time it will take to complete the Australian study visa procedure after the medical examination?

The exact duration can’t be predicted but generally, it takes 24-48 hours to get a clear result.

4. What are some medical tests to submit in the Australian student visa application process?

Medical tests such as X-rays of the chest and other parts, overall body checkups, blood and urine tests, and other tests based on your medical history.

5. How to check Australian visa processing timelines?

By visiting the Australian visa official website, you can check the timelines. However, it is never pre-decided.

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