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1 Year Courses in the UK for International Students

Exploring the Best 1 Year Courses in the UK for International Students

The growth of your career doesn’t depend on the number of years you spend learning but on how smartly you have learned a skill that interests you and can be applied in your real-life scenarios. Therefore, short-term diploma courses in the UK providing practical and relevant knowledge to international students.

The primary purpose of these type of courses is to impart intellect and the right education to the students and prepare them for handling real-time challenges.

Why choose to pursue short-term Diploma courses in the UK?

This is not about the question of why choosing diploma courses as we already know they are less time-consuming and goal-oriented methods of learning. However, it is choosingthe United Kingdom for your short-term education.

Because most of the diploma courses require highly advanced designed instructions and a practical learning approach by professionals, the UK is considered to be in second place after the US in having prestigious universities suitable for pursuing your diplomas.

Also,the infrastructure and research facility centershere often meet the requirements of international students and encourage a knowledge-driven environment with excellence.

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What are some Diploma Courses that can be pursued after your 12th?

The listed courses can be dependent on the subject you have chosen in your 12th grade or else you can change the stream as per your interest. However, check the academic requirements before enrolling to avoid any future conflicts while applying.

For Science Field

Diploma in Biotechnology1 year
Diploma in Engineering                               1-1.5 year
Medicine and Chemicals                              1 year
Diploma in Forensic Science                       1 year

For Arts and Humanities Students

Diploma in Law                                            1 year
Diploma in Journalism                                 11 months
Diploma in Philosophy                                 1 year
Diploma in Literature                                   1 year

Commerce, Business, and Finance related subjects

Diploma in Business Management1-1.5 year
Accounting and Data Analyst                             1 year
Diploma in Sales and Marketing1 year

Other Specializations

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Post Graduation Diploma Programs

Most of the postgraduate diploma courses in the UK are conducted within the duration of a half or 2 years depending on the technicality and practical nature of the subject. As an international student, you can opt for any of them as per your qualifications and goals.

PG in Business and Management               1.5-2 years
PG in sales and leadership                         2 years
PG in Science and Technology                   2 years
PG in Chief Analyst and Finance                2 years
PG in Cyber Security                                  1.5 – 2 years

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Diploma Application Requirements for International Students in the UK

  • If you are applying for undergraduate-level diploma courses, you need to provide a certificate along with the marksheet report securing at least 65% or more in your 12th standard.
  • For the postgraduate level, your overall score should be 70% depending on the subject requirements.
  • All the academic track records must be submitted.
  • Any language proficiency test score will be accepted unless they will be recognized.
  • An offer letter from one of your prestigious UK universities.
  • A hand-written statement of purpose by a student including his goals and future planning.
  • A minimum of 6 months valid passport with the approved UK student visa.
  • CAS stands for Confirmation acceptance for studies from the government.

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How to choose a demanding diploma course for you?

International students often get confused about what course to choose that should be practical in demand and at the time interesting. However, with the right questioning strategy, you can clear your mind and know exactly what you want.

  • Ask yourself what really interests you while looking for pros and cons for each subject.
  • What is your goal behind choosing a particular stream and what are some alternatives?
  • Research the employment opportunities in your field and other possible ways of earning.
  • Take note of what you will be going to study in a particular diploma and how it will be beneficial for you.
  • The online feedback and reviews will help you a lot in terms of university and course selection.

Want to Apply?

Applying for a university in the UK is not a cup of tea. International students even though they follow steps can make mistakes. That’s why most of them prefer to get professional help rather than going all by themselves.

However, you must know the overall process of applying for a diploma course in the UK.

  1. Visit multiple websites of popular universities in the UK and check their details of the programs and fees.
  2. You should have a goal of applying in more than one to avoid rejections.
  3. Most colleges will reply to you within a week and then you can select the best options out of those.
  4. Now that you have chosen your university, ask them for more details of their admission process.
  5. Meanwhile, start arranging documents for your UK student visa application.
  6. When you have fulfilled all the admission processes and got your offer letter, then you will have to apply for a visa consultation.
  7. Within a six-month duration, you must have your approved study visa with you.
  8. And lastly, start your learning journey with the UK.

Final Thoughts

The one-year diploma courses in the UK are designed in a way that provides goal-oriented and practical implemented learning experiences to the students. However, selecting a program suitable and covering a high employability rate is one of the most challenging tasks if not done properly. If you are planning to go ahead with your education journey smoothly then hiring a consultant is worth it.


Can I be eligible for a PR while pursuing my diploma courses in the UK?

No, you can not apply for a PR before a 5-year stay in the UK. However, you can renew your visa until then.

2. Do UK universities offer scholarships to their international students?

Yes, many universities in the UK want to acquire talented students for which they offer scholarships to those who will be deserving.

3. Are diploma degrees from the UK worth it?

They are worthy only if your approach towards them is right.

4. Do they have all master’s programs for one year?

No, most of the PG courses stretch in between a half or two years.

5. Can I even stay and work after completing my short-term course?

Yes, you can stay for work and jobs in the UK after completion of your course.

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