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A Step-By-Step Guide To The UK Study Visa Process

The United Kingdom has always been the second topmost choice for those students who wish to travel abroad for higher studies after the United States of America. The UK is known as a highly advanced and the most secure place for learning and career growth. You need a uk student visa to live and study there through the documentation and interview process conducted by your country’s embassy for UK officials. Though the student visa rejection rate is lower than in most countries, the probability is there due to the casual approach and failure to show proper evidence. For someone who wishes to lead in the future and settle in countries like the UK, you must know the entire journey starting from submitting university applications to filing for visa applications.

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Top 10 Steps To Follow

1.    Start Applying for an unconditional offer letter.

An Offer Letter can only be issued by recognized universities in the UK. Once you have decided which university and the selected course you want to enroll in, then start applying for it to get the acceptance letter as soon as possible. Typically it will take two weeks to get a response from any university.

2.    Preparation for required funds

You must have your tuition fees in your bank account. However, for visa application, it depends on your desired location in the UK. If you are either trying to get in London, then it would be a minimum of £12,006 for up to nine months, or for outside, you will need at least £9,207 as per the UK government rules.

3.    Collection of mandatory documents

After accepting the offer letter, it is time that you begin your preparation for the required documents. Check the UK official website well or take professional guidance, whatever helps you in providing complete information.

4.    Accept the offer letter.

In the meantime, your offer letter might arrive, so after careful checking, accept it without much delay. It will have your course information and the respective tuition fee.

5.    Pay the tuition fees.

Pay the course fee and keep your receipt for future purposes. The charge is entirely dependent upon the university norms, so to avoid any situation, check the university’s official site even before applying.

6.    CAS confirmation

You need to submit the payment confirmation receipt and all the necessities to receive the CAS letter (Confirmation of the Acceptance for Studies) from the university. With this letter, you have successfully got admission to the respective university.

7.    Filling out the visa application form

You should file for the UK student visa within six months from the issuance of the CAS letter. You can visit the UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) website for more details about how to fill out the application form.

8.    Submit complete documentation and biometrics.

You will need to submit all the documents and your biometric identification stated as per UK government norms. Incomplete documentation and false commitment can be the major concerns for the rejection of your student visa. So, only rigorously probing is the key to avoiding such circumstances.

9.    Get your passport and decision letter.

According to the standard timeline, you will get your decision letter within three weeks after the successful submission of the visa application form. In the case where you either miss any requirement or fail to provide proper evidence, a rejection notification will be issued with a valid reason statement.

10. Go and collect your BRP

BRP stands for Biometric Residential Permit, which is a mandatory requirement if you are supposed to stay in the UK for study purposes. It is like your identity proof as an immigrant student and has limited validity. You can fetch your BRP card from the UK visa support center or the nearest post office. Don’t forget to bring your passport and decision letter while collecting.

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What is the mandated eligibility to get a UK Study Visa?

  • Valid Passport
  • Having complete documents, including mark sheets, proof of identity, and bank statements.
  • A Decent Background (Academics and Legal)
  • Proper evidential proof (in case of a gap between studies)
  • Required Funds in your bank account.
  • CAS Letter and the fee receipt.
  • An Exceptional IELTS result based on the university you have applied to.
  • Whole body Health check-up records, especially tuberculosis tests.
  • ATAS (Academic Technology Approval Scheme), if your program or nationality demands.

Closing statement

As a higher education destination, the UK will be the first choice for any immigration student due to its advanced infrastructure with numerous opportunities. However, getting a student visa is a bit challenging as some instances, like a doubtful past experience and failure to submit required documents, can lead to visa rejection. The best way to avoid such circumstances is preferably to take practical expertise from a professional visa agent or put your efforts into it.

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