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Is High Percentage Essential For Obtaining Canada Study Visa?

Have you ever wondered how well you need to perform in your academics in order to get a Canadian student visa successfully? However, it is not the only requirement you need to fulfill as there are sequential procedures that need to be qualified, including complete documentation and the entire background check.

Your educational percentage does matter a lot while filing for a Canada study visa since it will be your foundational eligibility criteria when it comes to a student visa.

Canadian immigration officials intend to check whether you are qualified to study in the country, as Canada is known for its excellence and prestigious universities all over the world.

So, it will be a boost for your career if you get admission to one of them, and for that, you need not excel in your studies, although it entirely depends on the college you are applying to and the program you are going to enroll in.

The minimum percentage for all the programs

Your minimum percentage requirement for getting a student visa for Canada relies on two distinct factors. One is the course you have chosen and the other is on which standard you are in.

  • If you are applying for a bachelor’s degree after the 12th, then you need to score at least 70% or more in the overall high school and senior secondary mark sheets. However, science and engineering background students might be required more to qualify in some universities.
  • Moreover, if you are planning to get a diploma degree or any other foundational course from Canada, the minimum percentage would be 60% or more. Some colleges will consider 55% also. So, check beforehand if you want to confirm.
  • And, if you have completed your bachelor’s degree and are preparing for a master’s, in that case, an aggregate of 70% is required. However, it can be higher or lower depending on the college you choose and the preferred stream of study.
  • It will be compulsory if you have consistently performed well in your whole schooling time, especially in higher classes. This will be your mandate pre-requisite to check whether you are academically strong or not.
  • You can check by visiting the official site of your targeted universities and get to know more about the academic eligibility they have asked for.

What will happen if I am not good at my academics?

  • A student must fulfill mandatory requirements with respect to his or her educational background. However, if you secure, let’s say, 50% in your graduation program, then it will become a minimum bar, and you need to perform well in your IELTS or any other language proficiency tests. It will also help to stand out your application among other visa applicants.
  • Also, your course selection might be affected because of low performance. You will be forced to obtain among limited degrees in which your scores get matched.
  • Although, candidates scoring above 60% also need to excel in their IELTS exam depending on the level of competition in their chosen educational program and the suggested university norms.

Moreover, you can also opt for expert advice at any time before filling out your visa application for more details.

Is there any standard percentage requirement for all the universities in Canada?

There is no such common percentage criteria for all the universities in Canada as it gets revised based on the course of selection and the type of institution. However, most Canadian universities accept a minimum of 60 or 65 percent depending on the field of study and its specifications.

Apart from the percentage requisite, your personalized expenses on tuition fees and stay together can influence the requirement.

Let’s say you are among a well-performed student bracket, and you don’t have the necessary resources to get admission to the desired university, do you think you are going to get admitted to the topmost university?

An experienced visa consultant will also guide you on this matter to avoid wrong decisions.

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Other Educational requirements for a Canadian student visa

While going through your academic background, your IELTS scores, or any English language test you took, also get checked as this will clear doubt on how well you are in your English conversational skills. A minimum of 6 band IELTS marks or more will be considered enough for a qualifying student visa application. However, it will also depend on the college requirements; for instance, some will also prefer a 5.5.


Most Canadian visas were rejected due to failing to qualify for the educational background criteria before even the interview schedule. They get filtered out while checking the documentation part either based on low academic performance or low scores in their IELTS or other English language tests.

However, most immigrant students successfully secure admission and clear their Canada study visa process even when they are average in their studies because they get expertise and professional guidance in their journey.

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Can I apply for a graduation program if I get 50% or less in my 12th?

The answer would be no as most universities in Canada will expect you to score at least 60% on your 12th mark sheet regardless of the chosen course.

Are academic backlogs accepted by Canadian colleges?

Generally, they don’t accept students having backlogs in their mark sheets. However, depending on the reasons behind backlogs or your profile some universities manage to consider them.

What would be the minimum percentage criteria for students who want to study STEM in Canada?

A Canadian university has a set criteria of 70-80% for students belonging to one or complete STEM field.

Are there any other eligibility criteria apart from the strong academics for applying for a Canadian student visa?

Yes, and that would be a minimum of 6.5 bands scored in the IELTS exam or any one of the language proficiency tests.

Is it easy to get admission to a Canadian university after the 12th?

If you have a clear goal and future plan then it is going to be an easy one but it would be suitable if you take professional help for guidance.

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