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Guidelines to write SOP for a Canada Student Visa

Top 10 Guidelines to write a Perfect SOP for a Canada Student Visa

Jotting a perfect SOP while applying for canada study visa seems a simple writing task, but it becomes tedious when you know that you have only one chance to prove it. A Statement of Purpose (SOP) is similar to writing an 800-1500 long essay covering why you choose Canada as a study destination and the return plan post validity of your student visa. While checking your eligibility, the officials also go through the content you have written in your SOP. So, the quality and effort you put into your SOP would affect your visa application extensively.

Why is it important to write an SOP for Canada?

An SOP suggests your academic background, career approach, also who you are, and what’s your intention behind getting a Canadian student visa. In other words, it works as when you show your resume in an interview. It allows authorities to understand your goals and how serious you are with your learning opportunity in Canada. If you don’t prepare your SOP well, it might lead to the rejection of your visa.

Top 10 guidelines that will help you in writing a perfect SOP

1.  Having a genuine goal

You should have a real and directional goal with respect to your stay and study in Canada. Are you well-planned about your future goals, and why do you consider Canada for your further study, among others? How are you going to stay there? Is there any backup plan for your earning, or do you have enough funds to support you and your study? These are some questions you need to ask even before sitting to write an SOP.

2.  Research Thoroughly

80% of your effort will go to your research activities. The format of SOP and studying some past examples are some of the methods of analysis. You can not write an assumption-based statement of purpose without understanding the detailed part of it.

3.  Start with the planning.

Planning and brainstorming ideas on what and how to write your SOP for student visa applications must be prioritized. You should spend some time thinking and imagining what are the areas you will cover in your essay so that it looks creative and informative at the same time.

4.  Have a Rough Draft.

Put down your ideas and content first as a rough draft. It should not be your final product, just the collection of words that will describe you. It must include how you will introduce yourself and why you are planning to study in Canada. However, it need not be sequential or to the point; writing down all the ideas is essential in your rough draft.

5.  Distinct Structure

It is the right time to organize your thoughts into a structural form. Like an essay, it should not contain any headings or subheadings. However, a sequence of events included first your introduction, then academic performance and interest, and last, why and what your intention is towards your future goals.

6.  Clear and Concise Language

Creativity doesn’t mean that you will write in an indirect way or sound like you know more tough words in the vocabulary. Rather write down your thoughts and information in a clear and concise manner so that it won’t appear confusing.

7.  Formal Writing

You should write your SOP in a formal way, as this would be submitted with your visa application. So, use active instead of passive voice and be straight to the point of what you want to say.

8.  Proofreading

After completing the writing part, now it is time to proofread what you have written. It includes grammatical and clarity-based checking; avoid using repeated words; instead, use synonyms that better convey your thoughts.

9.  Reviewing

Taking feedback from others might be helpful for you as it will point out things that you can not see. Also, listening to others’ opinions actively is essential so that you can change if something looks odd.

10.Take assistance from Experts.

If you are unsure what and how to write your SOP for the visa, then you must get help from experts. They will guide you by ensuring that your study experience in another country will be hassle-free.

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What should you include in an SOP?

  • A proper Introduction
  • Academic qualification
  • Reason to choose Canada as your study destination
  • Your chosen university and program
  • Your financial condition
  • Future plans
  • Positive intention on returning to your home country

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Closing Statement

Apart from the documentation and interview procedure, there is one essential part while applying for a student visa is writing a statement of purpose (SOP). It contains who you are and the reason why you want to study in Canada. Writing a perfect SOP can be tricky as it will require your effort and experience on the visa application. If you don’t want to lose the opportunity to study in Canada, then careful study and research on writing an effective SOP is crucial for your career. Also, taking expert assistance will work as an additional advantage.

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1. What would be the word limit of an SOP for a student visa application?

The length should be in the range between 800-1500 and not less or more than that.

2. What should I avoid while writing a statement of purpose (SOP)?

You should avoid passive voice or any indirect kind of speech, straight-to-the-point and error-free sentences, lack of information, and not having clarity in your future goals.

3. Is poor SOP that might result in the rejection of the student visa?

Yes, an unclear and insufficient informative SOP will lead to visa rejection. The authorities want to check your future goals and intentions.

4. Are SOP and personal statements the same?

No, they are different as an SOP describes your academic skills and the program you have chosen with respect to your past experiences, whereas a personal statement includes your accomplishment and why a university will choose you as their student.

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