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PTE Score For UK Visa

Top 10 Tips To Improve Your PTE Score For A Successful UK Visa Application

The Pearson Test of English aka PTE is one of the popular language proficiency tests accepted by more than 90% of British universities. However, the UK has considered a separate name for this test which is PTE UKVI which assesses your command of English language and fluency skills. This secured-based English Language test is approved by most UK visa application centers and it is similar to IELTS but conducted in computer-based mode only.

Let’s know more about this test and how you can improve your scores if you can’t meet the requirements as per UK visa instructions.

Few points to remember on the PTE test for UK visa application.

  • Similar to IELTS, PTE is a 4 sectional skill-based exam determining your level in reading, writing, listening, and speaking parts of the English language.
  • It is an online-based test with different patterns and questions than other language proficiency tests.
  • The scores are valid throughout the UK and mostly marked in the range of 10-90 points.
  •  For the UK visa application process, there are three versions of PTE widely accepted according to the purpose of your visit. They can be Academics, General, and Young Learners.
  •  If you are applying for a UK study visa for graduate level or higher, then you need a PTE score of at least 59 or more. However, for lower degrees, your PTE requirement will be 43 points.
  • The standard PTE test would cost you INR 15,900 including 18% GST.
  • You can retake the exam as many times as you want unless they don’t overlap with each other.
  • Also, the scores in more than 90% of them will be out within 48 hours from the date of the exam.

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PTE tests and their minimum score requirement based on your visa type

1.  PTE UKVI Academics test

While applying for a permit to work and study in the UK, you need to qualify for your PTE UKVI test which requires a minimum of 59 average points combining all the sections.

2.  PTE Home (General)

Whereas, for shorter visits such as Representing an overseas business or for sports reasons, you will need to go through this test. Also, if you want to visit your family in the UK, the test will determine your speaking and listening skills categorized into two sections which might be easier to pass.

3.  PTE Academics

This type of PTE is specific to the academic purpose depending upon your university requirements. Also, the grading system is just like the PTE UKVI ones.

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Essential 10 tips to improve your PTE score for the UK visa process

If you are having difficulty in qualifying the PTE standard requirement for the UK visa process then these tips will surely help you in identifying and tackling your accurate preparation strategy. However, everyone has their own approach towards this exam, but some common tips for PTE score improvement will be;

1.  Careful Analysis

A careful analysis of your past performance is key to avoiding similar mistakes in your next attempts. However, try writing everything possible immediately after the test such as questions and in what sections you couldn’t perform well.

2.  Read Instructions twice

PTE will give you instructions before starting the test with a warm-up question. Avoid a casual approach while listening to these, always read carefully and even twice if possible.

3.  Work on each section individually

Build strategies for each section individually for example, reading sections require you to pronounce and read clearly, also solving reading comprehension and daily news reading are some of the ways you can adopt.

4.  Manage your time effectively

Distributing enough time to each section of PTE is considered the best way of approaching the test. Try focusing on being efficient and faster with each attempt.

5.  Vocabulary Expansion

This is the most important yet neglected part of a practice. Reading and underlining words that are new to you with context, afterward, associate those in your daily conversation.

6.  Regular Speaking Sessions

At least give yourself daily 30-minute to an-hour speaking sessions where you practice your speaking skills either by self-talk or having conversations with native English speakers.

7.  Try different strategies

It happens most of the time that one strategy will work and the other is not in different individuals. You have to try and see what suits you the best that will test your patience and time management skills.

8.  Take a good sleep

Good quality sleep can’t be ignored as it helps you to regain and reform your brain cells to get them actively engaged.

9.  PTE mock tests

The mock or sample tests are available on the internet. You can find the materials on any platform and start practicing along with your preparation.  

10.Practice, Practice, and Practice

Most people will think that practice should be placed last after a foolproof preparation. However, this is not completely true in the case of the PTE exam. You should practice regularly irrespective of the preparation level.

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Final Words

For some people, qualifying for the PTE exam is like climbing a mountain. They often get stuck and even regress while sticking to one approach for preparation. However, instead of trying the traditional methods, how about giving a chance to different strategies that really work well with your capacity? You can also start with one of the above-mentioned tips.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Is PTE easier than IELTS?

Apart from mode and pattern, the difficulty level of these two are similar to each other.

2.  I got 50 points in my previous PTE attempt. Can I improve it?

Yes, you can improve your PTE score anytime by practicing with the right approach and strategy or you can take the help of visa consultant.

3.  Apart from the UK, what are the other countries that accept PTE for their visa application process?

Countries like the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Canada, etc. accept PTE scores for their visa process.

4.  How can I improve my speaking skills for PTE?

You can try different strategies for the speaking section of PTE but the most accepted one is to actually speak with native speakers.

5.  What is the standard format of the PTE UKVI exam?

There are 4 sections divided into 20 questions that include the Speaking, Listening, Writing, and Reading parts.

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