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Canada Study Visa Processing Time After Biometrics

Understanding The Canada Study Visa Processing Time After Biometrics

After submitting all your documents and biometrics at the Canada visa application center, it is time to wait for final approval. Sometimes, it takes 20 days but it can be stretched with a 60-day waiting period. However, the entire Canada student visa procedure will extend a few weeks to months, let alone processing after biometrics.

Mostly the delay might occur either due to insufficient staffing or incomplete application resulting in a stressful situation. Instead of panicking, follow every small detail and keep updated with any changes happening.

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Overview of Canada Study Visa Application Process

The entire Canada student visa application process is categorized into two stages- Before Biometrics and After Biometrics. Although the after-biometrics processes involve visa office assessment and decision-making those are not up to you.

Before Biometrics

  • Research your study program
  • Get admission
  • Receive your Confirmation Letter from the college
  • File out the study visa application form
  • Pay your visa fees
  • Arrange your relevant documents and submit them
  • Final proofreading and submission
  • Book your Biometric appointment
  • Attend and provide your biometrics details
  • Get your visa application status number

After Biometrics

  • Initial checking of the profile
  • Medical and College offer letter verification
  • Final decision
  • Collect your visa and passport

Who is eligible to attend the Biometric Procedure?

  • Temporary visits such as study, travel, and others are mandated to go through biometrics procedures.
  • All the PR applicants with dependent spouses or children are eligible for biometrics.
  • In case of visa renewal, you might undergo the biometrics process.
  • Visa extensions where you are asking for an extended study permit are also eligible for biometrics.
  • Lastly, you will be required to book and confirm your appointment before visiting the visa application center.

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Documents Submitted during biometrics for Canadian student visa

  • Once you submit your application form and pay the fees, you will receive a Biometrics Instruction Letter that needs to be carried in a printout form at the time of your appointment.
  • Your valid passport is in an original form, not a photocopy.
  • An ID Proof
  • However, there is no need to bring your passport-size photographs as your digital photographywill be processed.
  • If you have already been in Canada before and you have a previous visa, you need to carry this as well.
  • You are also expected to take proof of payment with you.
  • Minor applicants such as children are required to be accompanied by an adult or guardian for consent.
  • Confirmation of visa application form with the number

Apart from these, there are no other documents needed for the biometrics procedure as they have already been uploaded to visa application filing.

If you think the all process is complex then you can take the help of the best Visa consultant in Jalandhar.

What will happen in the Biometrics process?

  • Your fingerprints will be scanned and taken for both hands.
  • A digital photograph will be taken and applicants should avoid any kind of headcover or accessories during photography.
  • Your valid signature and documents like passport, previous visas, and IDs will be submitted.
  • You will be asked for some basic background information including your address or contact details.
  • Also, your digital signature is needed to show consent and final submission.

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Why hire a professional visa consultant?

The Canada study visa application process might be daunting and lengthy considering the time and procedures involved. A professional visa consultant will be supporting and managing all the processes involved in visa application. They;

· Provide Expertise

They will be providing you with every possible tip and trick to crack starting from your university selection to final submission. Their expertise will help you throughout your study visa application journey.

· Prevent Unexpected events

Events like incomplete document submission or any kind of delay will be prevented when working with professional visa consultants.

· Save Time and Effort

Your time and effort will be saved so that you can plan on staying and be more focused on your learning experience.

· Offer a Smooth Visa Process

They will offer you a smooth visa process by taking care of all of your burdens in their hands.

· Guide and Represent you

A visa consultant will guide you and it doesn’t mean that they don’t listen to you and your requirements. They are capable of representing and modifying everything as per immigration policy standards.

· Offer complete Support

By offering you complete support, they will not only help in your pre-visa application process but also after completing and finalizing, they will guide you in all aspects.

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Final Thoughts

The waiting time for students after biometrics submission of a Canadian study visa application can not be predefined as it involves processes that are not in your control. However, the standard duration given in the Canadian immigration policy suggests between 20-30 days depending on factors like availability of staffing and quality of your application.


1. Can a Canadian student visa possibly be rejected after Biometrics submission?

Yes, it is possible that your study visa gets rejected after biometrics but with more careful and strategic implementation, it can be avoided.

2. What are the steps followed for a Biometric appointment?

After submitting a visa application online, you are required to book a biometric appointment at your designated visa application center where you will be providing your fingerprint details and photographs.

3. Is biometric procedure essential for all types of visas?

Biometrics are often required for the temporary type of visa application process. Otherwise, you will get a notification after submitting the form about whether or not it is mandatory.

4. How long will it take for visa approval after Biometrics?

Most of the visas get approval with a timeline of 60 days after biometrics but it is not an exact duration.

5. Will I be receiving any update regarding my visa status from the application center?

Usually, they won’t be notifying you in this respect however, if you are taking support from a visa professional then you will be getting updates with every little change.

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