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Canada Study Visa Processing Time

A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Canada Study Visa Processing Time

Applying for a Canadian student visa might be a lengthy and hectic procedure varying from weeks to months in its processing time. For which international students are advised to submit their candidature 12 weeks ahead of the timewhen their academic classes would start. However, the average processing time will greatly be affected by your location and profile.

Though we can’t suggest any specific timelines yet there have to be some aspects you should know before managing your Canada study visa application.

How can you apply for a Canadian study visa?

There are primarily 6 stages involved in your student visa application for Canada. However, it is recommended to prepare your visa application even before applying or you can take help from the best immigration consultant in Jalandhar.

1. Check Eligibility and Other Details

Your visa application journey doesn’t start with filling out the application form but first studying all the requirements and eligibility mentioned in the immigration laws. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to plan and research before applying.

2. Filling Application Form online/offline

Now that you know all the requirements, file your application online or offline, any mode you prefer. However, all the details must be accurate and clear.

3. Biometrics and Document Submission

You are also required to submit your biometrics at the nearby visa application center. Also if possible, contact them before visiting so that you won’t face any issues.

4. Interview (If mandatory)

After the approval of your documents, it is time to attend the interview if it is mentioned.

5. Wait for the Processing

The waiting time will be dependent on the complexities and performance of your profile. After the interview round, it can stretch up to 1-2 months.

6. Collecting Passport and Visa

Finalizing all the processes can lead to your study visa approval and you can collect it along with your passport from the visa center.

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Document Requirements

Keep ready all these relevant documents for your study visa processing in order to avoid any unnecessary delays. Follow the paperwork accordingly;

  • Institutional Acceptance Letter
  • A Valid Passport
  • Financial Statement
  • Medical Reports
  • Academic and Criminal Background Proof
  • Application Form Submission Proof with Fee paid
  • English Proficiency Test Marks
  • Passport Size Photos

Estimating your Canada study visa processing time

The Canadian student visa processing time varies greatly depending on the visa office location as some have higher waiting times than others. However, it is always safe to apply by taking a gap of 6 months from the commencement of your classes.

Also, the average waiting time could be between 3-4 months but you can always expect a delay due to a big difference between the large number of applicants from insufficient staff working in these visa centers.

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What happens during study visa processing?

Here are some additional steps included in your student visa processing duration that you must know about starting from the submission to the arrival of your visa.

1. Complete Submission

You need to complete all the processes as per the Canadian immigration rules. Also, checking everything from your end will be strongly suggested at this stage.

2. Initial Evaluation

The officers of the visa application center will be going through all your documents before sending them. In case of any errors, they will inform you to correct them.

3. Cross Verification of Background details

The background details and information that you provide will be verified and cross-checked.

4. Auditing Financial and Academic Records

Student visa processing also involves auditing your academic and fund requirements. However, it is up to your selected institution and course relevancy.

5. Checking the documents’ credibility

They will ensure the credibility of your submitted documents which also include an official acceptance letter issued from an esteemed Canadian academic institution.

6. Examining medical reports

The examined date of your medical reports must not be older than 6 months. It includes your entire body checkup along with the COVID test.

7. Interview Assessment

The complete Canadian visa processing time also includes the interview process through which your verbal and other skills are to be tested.

8.Final Decision

After all the procedures are done successfully, it is time for the final decision on your approval or rejection of visa and it takes almost 3-4 months.

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What might be some of the factors that can delay your approval?

Issues in any of the above visa processing stages can lead to an unexpected delay in your approval. Some of the potential factors are;

1. Insufficient/Missing Application

80-90% of student visas get rejected just because of their incomplete application profile. However, it can be easily overcome as you have plenty of opportunities to verify and ask for help from a visa professional.

2. Failure in document verification

This is not only the primary reason for the delay but in some cases, you might be banned for further application due to submitting false documents.

3. Not enough Finances

Financial unacceptance is the common one. Make sure to go through your university fee section and the average living standard of Canada before taking any action.

4. Problems Related to Admission

Your acceptance letter must be genuine and provide all the details about your college.

5. Fail to meet the Eligibility Requirement

This can include either your criminal and academic background or medical examinations.

6. Alteration of the details

In some scenarios where you have to modify the details on your application can be one of the major reasons for your visa processing delay.

7. Issues with Interview Scheduling

Conflicting and stringent timeframes, last-minute appointment booking, and other technological concerns can all cause complications with visa interview scheduling.

8. Problems with staffing and high demand

Shortage of staff and seasonal spikes can be one of the major reasons for your delay.

9. Application Submission Delay

If you submit your visa application late, you may face a longer and more stressful waiting period than usual. So, try to finalize things ahead of time.

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Key Takeaways

Although we can not determine the exact visa processing time of a Canadian study visa application procedure it mostly depends on the individual’s native country and the submitted profile. Still, the process can be stretched up to 2 to 3 months, or more or less depending on the circumstances. However, you can check your processing time on the website frequently. Indeed long processing times and other kinds of delays can be irritating, that’s where professional experts and their assistance can help you in overall management throughout your journey.


1. Do all visa types in Canada have the same processing time?

No, all Canadian visa types have different processing times depending on their application procedure and the number of applicants.

2. What will I do if Canadian student visa processing is delayed?

You can contact your nearby visa center and ask about the possible reasons for your delay. Also, you can request for extension of the program start date to your college.

3. Is there any average Canadian study visa processing time?

Yes, the expected study visa processing time would be between 3-4 months also including the interview process.

4. What would be the validity of a Canadian student visa?

There is no exact validity of a Canadian study visa but it can be issued as per your course duration.

6. Am I informed if there will be a reason for the delay?

Sometimes, yes but not always. For that, you need to stay updated with your application status online or get help from a professional.

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